Ok I got sick of waiting for those darn pin backs so I thought I would go out and spend who-knows-how-much and just buy some from a craft store....well it turns out not everything is cheaper online. I paid $1 less for twice as many pin backs. Plus they're the locking kind, which is the kind I prefer. they didn't come in the color I wanted (the antique-y one) but I think silver works just as well. That'll teach me to not do my research. Boo to me for not shopping local! Well after a very very long wait I've finally finished my little pin up brooches and they're ready to go into the shop (after I get some proper pictures taken of course).
Getting started..
A few finished
Step one, get the back on move it to where it is best...the glue dried really fast so I had to move very quickly...but rest assured these backs aren't going anywhere.
Just to make sure I also glued from the top of the holes down to get the glue a better grip on the pin.
Finished product..all the pins (plus my new boat brooch FINALLY became a brooch) Isn't it a beautiful sight?! The pins will be in the shop tomorrow. I'm hoping to get them all up tomorrow but it might take me a couple days. These are the ONLY ones I have so they will probalby go fast. I can reserve them for you though!

Oh and I also picked up a few more things at the thrift store while I was out.
HOT PINK boucle coat with rhinestone buttons, never worn condition.
multi strand faux pearl necklace, faux pearl "tie" necklace and sweetest little baby dress ever! it has the teeeeeeeniest little buttons I've ever seen.
And I also snagged this..I've always wanted one, I asked the lady at the register if it was for sale and she said go for it...the person who they had it set aside for never claimed it..MUHUHAHA mine now suckas! It even sparks! If anyone knows how to fill one of these will you let me know? I don't smoke but I'm dying to light something with it..teehee..If not it will just sit gorgeously on my night stand.
OH and I added a new perk for the shop! If you buy 3 or more items I'll take 15% off your total purchase price, yep that INCLUDES shipping! Currently this is for September purchases only but if things go well it may become a permanent feature for BBV.
I'm removing most of the summer items to be packed away for next year or to be DONATED to the community....So if you want something you better purchase it now because it may not be back! I will reserve for you at the sale price. I hold things up to 10 days.


Huzzah! Vintage said...

those pins are such a great idea! did you cut the the silhouettes, or find them at a super secret supply store?

Bombshell Bettie said...

I actually got them off Etsy, they're laser cut wood pieces with pin-up paper toppers. I've sealed them and added pin backs. I think they're so mega adorable. I already ordered another set!