Short & Sweet Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is coming up this weekend and although we're not doing anything I still think its fun to make a wishlist of pretty items from etsy (and other shops) here is my little list.
 This adorable plaid shirtwaist from DearGolden
 Corduroy day dress with mega cute pockets from BrightStar
 Yummy butterscotch bakelite ship's wheel via Casa de Lunatic
Way too cute "mommy swears like a sailor" onesie...I really do. TwoLeafStudio
 Pair of beautiful bird mirrors from FluxGlass
 Lovely celluloid petals and leaves necklace from JeanJeanVintage
 This great credenza from a local shop Fringe & Fray
 This maternity top from target, I bought one in green, wish I had bought one in every color!
See, what'd I tell ya, short and sweet..hehe.


Shop Update: Colorful Cocktails

This week I'm all about color, as opposed to the tone of last week's update of black, white and gray. This time its FULL of color, lots of color!
 Raspberry Mojito - Plaid chiffon cocktail dress, buttons up the back...amazing ruffle sleeves
 Blue Curacao - satin train babydoll cocktail dress
 with satin details.
 Dolphin Foam - chunky blue beaded necklace
 Lavender Orchid - Miss Elliette sculpted chiffon sleeve cocktail dress
 Lime Sorbet - mad men wiggle dress
 Two Olive Martini - kelly green maxi with pleated  neck/ sleeves (pssst i hear twila jean vintage will soon have one of these babies in red!)
 French 75 - embroidered linen skirt
 Midnight Garden - colorful floral clutch with faux tortoise frame
 Pink Lady Cocktail - cluster beaded earrings
 Paisley Purple - perfect wiggle dress with draped neck in a plus size XXL
 Geometric Swirl - art nouveau pattern maxi

That's it for last week, sorry it took so long. I'll be releasing a new collection this week of soft tans, golds as well as more children's items for winter!


For Wee Heads

Ever since I found out we're having a boy I've been obsessed with finding adorable little hats. Little girl's get so many cute accessories to choose from and honestly i think there is nothing cuter than a little boy in a hat. I love the little knit bonnets of the 50s as well as the handmade character hats made by etsy artisans. Here are a few I've added to my baby wish-list.
First we'll start with handmade
 Adorable simple knit cap with the best oversized button. How can I resist?
 OMG aviator hat! I've got one so I def have to have one for my little man too!
 Awwwwww  how sweet is this "sleepy owl" hat. I just love the fringe details.
 Perfect for your easter photos, this little bunny hat seriously melts my heart!
 This one I HAVE to get, a knit news-boy style hat with button details. Just so precious!
 Simple and sweet, little ear-flap cap in little boy blue
 Yokoo has been talking about making a line of hats for babes. I really hope she does because I'm dying to get one of these mohawk hats for my little one.
 Soft and sweet litlte kitten ear cat. I love the chin strap on this!
So cute I can hardly bear it....get it..bear..ha
 These are the droids i'm looking for...i must purchase one of these for my babe..and maybe myself too!
Uh..tiny viking helmet..thats all i have to say.

Now for the vintage caps!
 This sweet little news-boy style cap is the perfect hat for an active little boy.
 This fair isle ski cap is perfect for chilly winters, like it will be when my babe is born.
Fox and Owl (who i actually purchased from before, see the items here)
 Love this little quilted cap. A must for a chilly day at the park!
 A sweet "geese" knit cap, complete with mini-pom on top.
This one is OMG perfect. Original 50s knit with chin strap and button for a steal...if you dont snag this one. I will!
 Classic corduroy cap for boys, keeps the sun out of their eyes while they play around.
 Another classic corduroy cap with brim, but this one has a chin strap as well.
And as I'm sure that not all of you are interested in boy's hats, I couldn't help but sharing this way too cute embroidered knit bonnett. One I would for sure be buying if I was having a little girl.

Aren't they adorable?! I just love little hats but I'm trying not to buy anything else for the babe until after the shower...which is in like 4 months..so its going to be really really really really really hard. I seriously doubt I'll make it until thanksgiving..haha.. But I AM going to try.


Oh Boy!

Well As I mentioned earlier today is the day we found out what I'm growing, boy or girl.
It is a Boy. A big, squirmy boy and since I didn't have much in the way of boy clothes I did a little bit of shopping today too.

 Here is what I wore today, as you can see there is not much in the way of vintage that will fit my big belly now. I'm carrying all out in front so its nothing but maternity pants & tops..with a vintage cardi of course.
 Wearing my one of a kind bracelet a sweet handmade treat from Tree & Kimball, today.
 First official baby boy purchases. 0-3 mo Long sleeve onesies, 3-6 mo short sleeve onesies, an adorable outfit (6 mos) and 2 frames.
 Love these frames!!!
Oh and these cutest ever little robot doggie shoes. awwww.  

I had a lot more but I thought I had better save some for my next trip and I guess I could leave some for friends and family to buy..ya know..cuz everyone loves to buy tiny baby things. I'll be going through my girl clothes and setting aside my favorite pieces and the probably selling the rest so you should see a huge influx of baby girl clothes in the shop in the next few months as well as a bunch of winter items coming probably late Oct, early Nov including some ugly christmas sweaters..HA.

Oh and to help me fund my baby purchases there is a 20% off sale happening in my shop this week. Prices good until Sunday at midnight.


Shop Update: Gray Scale

 A simple, pretty update this week based on lack of color. Lots of gray, white and black pieces for you to choose from!
 Fall to Pieces - maxi with lace details
 Jack Rabbit - mod 60s wool jacket SOLD
 Black and White - tweed jacket with persian lamb details
 Witching Hour - 50s wool blazer with persian lamb details
 Dark Night - suede hush puppies' sandals
 Black Widow - 50s/60s rayon cocktail dress with sheer sleeves
 Velvet Dreams - 70s little girl velvet skirt party dress
 Dottie's Stripes - 50s cotton blouse by Koret SOLD
 Cocktail Hour - 60s crystal cluster brooch
 Twinkle Twinkle - 80s asymmetric chain necklace
Bundle Up - unisex 60s 70s children's jacket

That's it for this week! Enjoy
Oh...I've been photographing items all morning and next week is all about cocktails & color!!