New for the Shop

Lots of new items for the shop this week, my hubs took me on tuesday to cheer me up, I've had kind of a crappy week at work but I'm hoping thats all behind me now and I can move on. And like usual I went today (thursday) so we've got twice as much as we usually do for the shop.
Wilma Flintstone's multi-strand necklace
Really pretty clasp
aqua bead necklace
paisley circle skirt (listed)
paisley blouse (listed)
white rhinestone top with deco stitching (listed)
crazy cowl blouse (listed)
slim 60s jean cigarette style pants
plaid shorts
well worn coach purse
new kids items, ballerina tulle dress, pumpkin dress and silk-look over dress
magenta swing coat with fur collar
feather hair fascinator

Authentic german head-wear
gorgeous blue belle half hat
rosettes and soft tulle
adding some jewelry. child's necklace, early 50s
pink 80s clip ons and mother of pearl sweater clip
better shot of the tulle dress, super full chiffon skirt :D

Plenty of items coming, let me know if want me to get something in the shop asap. Don't forget about the GIVEAWAY sponsored by Fifties Fever ends Saturday at midnight
My Shop, where you can find the listed items as well as 160+ other items!

1.5 Winner

Ok, its tomorrow ;) now for the winner of my first birdie brooch is..........


voguevintage! congrats!
contact me at bombshellbettiesvint {at} gmail dot com
with your address and I'll get this little beauty in the mail to you!
If you didn't win this one, don't feel too bad. There will be more opportunities to win more brooches and there is still a giveaway that ends Saturday at midnight for an adorable pair of vintage style oxfords!



To break the suspense between the Sunday giveaways and today I'm doing a Wednesday giveaway with a handmade item from ME!
I'm very excited to introduce and giveaway one of my new brooch shapes; a sweet little birdie.
A rainbow-colored swooping chubby little bird.

Each wednesday I will be giving away a new birdie each wednesday!
This giveaway is only running for 24 hours. I will announce the winner tomorrow so you better get your entries in asap!

Enter By Commenting to THIS POST! There will be a link at the top of the page for the next 24 hours so you can easily get to this post. :) GOOD LUCK!!
please sign in or leave your email so I can get a hold of you if you win!


Crinnie Pix

As requested, here are some detail pics of my crinnie.

Its made from 2 layers of tiered nylon. With an elastic waist band.
It looks like it would be very simple to make. Two full circle tiered skirts. One sewn into the front side of the waist area and the other sewn into the back side and then those two waistband pieces sewn together.
full circle + for fullness
waistband. (layers of waistband not actually connected together until first set of stitched detail)
because the 2 layers of skirts are connected to the front and back of the waistband layers


Crinnies and Cookies

Today I got a late start, the hubs and I lazed around most of the day in our jammies but when we finally went out I wanted to look cute, even if we were just going to the grocery store. I went with my favorite dress the jumblelaya dress. But instead of wearing it with my usual cropped red cardigan I decided to go with a recent etsy purchase a navy short sleeve cardigan. I wore it wrapped and belted with my favorite red belt and FINALLY got to wear my bakelite boat pin.
I also go to take my new pumps from lisazain for a spin.
And my new crinnie! Its super full and soft, much softer than my net one.
I also discovered today that it has cute little bugs on the scallops.

And I got to wear my navy anchor hair bow from OriginalCenz
I love my little boat! :D

I got lots of stares, some look-backs. Some smiles and some frowns toward my look today...but wha-cha gunna do? While we were out at the store I decided I needed to make cookies..so we grabbed all the things I needed and after some steaks and smashed 'taters. I put on my jammies and apron and started in on the cookies. I'm making my favorite chocolate chip cookies with walnuts YUMMMM.
this is a big bowl of butter...its a nice start, don't you think?!
Hair is up in classic "baking style"

my favorite part of cookies, the beaters.
does anyone else have a cookie spoon? I use this spoon only to make cookies. It makes them the perfect size.

Not too shabby...my hubs already had 4 of them..hehe
Cookie run way. I always use paper bags for my cookies, its a great way to recycle them.

Also, the first GIVEAWAY is up right now and closes on Oct 3rd. (link top right)


The day has finally come, its time for the October giveaways! I know what you're thinking. "Hey, its not October yet!" I know, but there were so many sponsors that I have to start a week early!

This giveaway is brought to you by

An adorable Aussie blog that that follows the life of a vintage farm girl. Super cute outfit posts, quilt making and BABY SHEEPSIES! SO cute! You'll love reading about her life. I know I do. :)
Giveaway #1 is a pair of adorable vintage-inspired spectator oxfords. They're marked size US 10 but fit more like a 9-9.5
How perfect are these for fall?!

To enter for this giveaway:
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Check out her blog and tell me about your favorite outfit!
Mine has got to be the one pictured! I adore that color on her...but she did find a cute pink cummerbund waist dress that I'm digging as well.
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This giveaway will run for 7 days, winner will be announced NEXT SUNDAY.
Another (24 hr only) giveaway is coming later in the week from me to you.