Yellow Wedding

OOOHhh this is the wedding I've been waiting for. As you know I've been knocking down wedding dress color myths this week with my featurettes. Today's challenge is "Wed in Yellow, Ashamed of your Fellow"...how could anyone feel shame while wearing the cheeriest color EVER?! My final collection for the week is the Yellow Wedding. Lemon is such a happy color for what is supposed to be the happiest day of your life. Yellow is sunny and shines like no other. Its the brightest, cheeriest color and its still sweeter than sugar on a lollipop. Here is the happiest, sassiest wedding collection yet!
Flowing eyelet gown in softest lemon chiffon.
Something a little sunnier, this tiered tulle party dress with shelf bust would make a beautiful wedding dress for summer!
It can't be all about the dress, every piece should be ah-maze-hing! Like these gorgeous leather pumps with bows. Perfect for a tea length dress!
All the frills! Chiffon, tulle, flowers, tea length skirt, petal bust...no detail left out. For the bride who wants it all!
All that shines is not yellow, how about these mustard bakelite earrings. "Something old" is easy to find for a vintage wedding!
HH Dollhouse
You could wear your mustard earrings with this dress. Beautiful mustard cummerbund waist. I think its very "mother of the bride". Just lovely!
A wedding just isn't a wedding without a show stopping piece of jewelry. I think this gorgeous bakelite bow would be amazing worn on the lower back.
I didn't forget the details. A pretty little girdle for a pretty little bride.
Now here is a color you don't see in stockings very often.. This lemon yellow has a sunny quality that brightens the skin and makes it look like its glowing..and what bride wouldn't like that?
Whoa! Who is that lady? Oh wait its me. I don't usually use my own items in featurettes but I think this circlet in pale yellow would be gorgeous walking down the isle!
Thinking of the brides maid or the simple wedding. This 3/4 sleeve chiffon dress would be beautiful and a little warmer for an outdoor spring wedding.
Love the rose detail on these pumps. Something low is ideal for a bride. You are going to be standing for at least 20 minutes for the ceremony and you'll want shoes that can carry you through the reception too!
Speaking of receptions..I love cocktail dresses for receptions. This banana yellow dress has just a little bow detail on the front. Sweet and simple.
A Wild Tea Party
I love this little strapless swiss dot dress. I SO would've worn this to my reception! You just can't beat simplicity!
There you have it kittens. Not sure if its mellow...bit it sure is yellow!


Purple Wedding

As you may remember a few years back Ms Dita Von Teese the queen of burlesque wore a beautiful royal purple taffeta gown when she wed Marilyn MansonThe dress (and bride) was stunning and I think that purple is an amazing color for weddings. But there is always that pesky saying that you can't wearing purple to your wedding because its a mourning color. Purple is a glamorous. It was used for royalty for a reason ;) Here are some of the amazing pieces you could wear to your purple, lilac, amethyst or lavender wedding.Stunning chiffon party gown with delicate "princess sleeves" I think this featurette is off to a good start.
OMG These are the hottest mary janes...ever! They're even my size! I told my husband I wanted them and he said "I'm sure you do"...thanks hun. Men just don't get the lust for shoes!
Tiered tulle and lace gown with sweetest little bolero jacket. I'd love to see this one coming down the aisle!
I am so in love with this adorable velvet bows and lilacs hat. It is just the sweetest!
No detail unnoticed, lovely lilac crinnie for your skirt! Hey, you never know who might be looking!
GORGEOUS knit gloves in (my favorite shade of) purple. Don't these just scream wedding to you?
Berries and lilacs...spring is upon us.
A little more raspberry than plum...but it still counts ;) Look at the gorgeous velvet detail at the waist. Wedding party!
A pair of purple babydolls..you can't go wrong! Seriously...(psst, all this shop's shoes are on sale)
Fraulein Caroline
Looking for glam, curves and all over va-va-voomness? How about this sequin and tulle mermaid cocktail dress.
How about this sweet little headband with lilac flowers on one side. It would be so precious with a crisp short veil attached to it..in my mind its SOO cute!
Lets think about the brides maids now...something simple and sassy like this lavender wiggle dress
Fab Gabs
Something a little more "precious" how about this chiffon embroidered dress..tis lovely mah dear!

Ending the week with YELLOW..ooh I'm so excited!


Red and Black Wedding

Breaking wedding stereotypes one collection at a time. Today we're taking on two "forbidden" colors in one collection. "Married in red, you'll wish yourself dead" and "Married in black, you'll wish yourself back" I think there is nothing sexier than red, and nothing classier than black so why in the world would a black and red wedding be anything other than the classiest, sexiest wedding you've ever been to? I say if you can use the color as an accent, you can use it as your main color. I know there is a stigma with red dresses because it is sooo different than the purity of the white dress...well, who cares?! Red is a gorgeous and extremely flattering color on almost every skin tone and size. Who doesn't want to feel sexy when all eyes are on them? A wedding doesn't have to be about pastel, florals, ivory lace and rose bouquets. Its your wedding, do what you want!
I am a big fan of wearing a hat over wearing a big poofy veil to a vintage wedding. Love this 40s velvet hat in raspberry with black cage veil.
Crying Calypso
Can't resist this strapless lace and tulle dress with velvet trim. Fit for a bride!
How about this atomic print dress with sequins and glitter understated and so bleeping classy!
Marines Vintage
Glam-tastic pedal bust tiered party dress in the perfect cherry red.
I'm so in love with these polka dot lucite pumps, they're more retro than vintage but I would wear these.
Looking for more of a "little black dress" than a red one? How about this adorable black lace dress with a red bow. Full skirt, 1/2 sleeves.
Wedding shoes? Red spring-o-lators! what else! Smokin'!
Femme Fatal Vintage
Something for the brides maids? How about simple chiffon dresses like this perfect example.
Rhinestone starburst pumps, these heels are the epitome of the red and black wedding. Classy, sexy and a little bit of shimmer..oooh yeeaaahh.

Looking forward to another gorgeous collection tomorrow!...maybe brown? yellow? hmmmm


A Green Wedding

I've decided we're going to break those wedding dress color superstitions this week and show you how amazing you can look in one of the "forbidden" colors! As promised here is my wedding collection in GREEN. "Married in Green, Ashamed to be Seen" In this collection?! I don't think so! Check out how stunning you can look in shades of mint, emerald, grass and a hint of soft blue. We're being green and wearing it, in this non-traditional wedding collection!
Beautiful grass green circlet with veil and (something) blue flowers and little polka dots!
Magnolia VintageSoftest sage green nylon gloves.
Stunning rhinestone necklace with emerald crystals. What bride doesn't need some bling?
This is the wedding dress, taffeta with bow waist and draped back -
So elegant and sexy, look at the low back on this baby!
Secondhand Addiction
Just a hint of green in these peep toe pumps, how sweet are these?!
Beautiful simple cocktail dress with the most amazing woven bodice -
This would be a really cute reception dress!
Wouldn't this make the perfect brides maid's dresses?

Wedding collections are so much fun! I can't wait to do another tomorrow!


I am SOOOO sorry I've been slacking guys..I took the weekend off for my husband's birthday and I've been updating my laptop to windows 7 so its been yesterday and most of today. I promise to be back to my regular featurettes by tomorrow but for tonight I'll leave you with a link to my ebay items and let you know its "wedding week" all my wedding dresses are up on ebay and I will be featuring wedding collections here. Anyone have a theme request? 40's starlett? 50's tulle? 70s bohemian? I'm open to suggestions. I plan on a "green" wedding for tomorrow with all things vintage and well, green. I know I have a lot of followers who are very fond of the color. This should be a fun challenge!

Be back soon :)


Happy Birthday Hubs & Bettie

Today is April 22, Earth Day, My Husband's 24th Birthday and what would be the late Bettie Page's 87th Birthday. Today was a pretty standard day for us. I did dishes, my husband had bacon and eggs for breakfast, we both had the day off. We ran around to a bunch of thrift and second hand stores and pawn shops (for him). We went back to my mom's for a BBQ and ended the night at home eating purple carrot cake my best buddy made for him. Good stuff.
I have loved Bettie since I was 16, I've been collecting her photos since then...I have about 6500 of her photos. She is just so charming I love it :)


My New Baby

As a those of you who have been following my blog for a while know..I am a lamp fiend. I have a collection of lamps that I LOVE and I always want to buy more. I have a really hard time NOT buying more..and more and more. My husband put his foot down after I bought the pair of table lamps that are now in our bedroom. But today I got to stop by a store I've always wanted to go to but have never had the chance and I found a new baby and my husband even encouraged me to buy it so you KNOW its good...hehehe. An Danish-Modern "Tulip"(?) floor lamp with spider spun fiberglass shades and atomic wood wings. I have always wanted a lamp like this but always figured it was out of my price range...which up until today it has been. Mid-century floor lamps as some of you know go for a pretty penny online or in an antique store. Its always the small, random shops where you find the best deals. Here are some pictures of my new baby. I found this little gem for just $60. YEAH!