Wednesday is Apples

While trying to decide what fruit I should pick today I open up the front page of etsy to a "Teacher's Pet" theme...Apples...well that was easy. Living in Washington state apples are close to my heart. You don't find tastier apples anywhere. I like the Pink Lady apples myself. YUM! There are no shortage of apple prints out there so I just picked a few of my favorites...just a basket full or so. Tee hee I could make these cheesy fruit jokes all day.
Starting out with a pretty apple print sleeveless blouse. RiffRaffReview
Striking needlepoint frame bag. SiftedVintage
Rotten apple wrap skirt. A classic 70s wrap skirt and this little gingham apple is perfect aired with a curious little pal. Zwizzy
Green apple blouse. I really like this top, it even has little polka dot buttons. Secondhand Addiction
Groovy set of apple mugs. Not my usual cup of tea but there is something about these that really captures my heart. SweetCookieVintage
A perfect 50s cotton blouse with apples, pears and oranges. AllenCompanyInc
What is black, white and red all over? This apple print dress. BabetteVintage
Love this apple trim apron. My first kitchen in the tiniest apartment you've ever laid eyes on has a country apple theme. RogueRetro
Crazy bold apple print sheath dress in crisp white. CoronetWeedsVintage (Check out the 30's jumpsuit..OMG!!!)
Pretty apple print scarf. Very atomic feel. Polka dot apples and arrows. LucyandEthel
Oooh so we meet again apple print top and skirt, oh how I desire your adorableness! ScarlettFury
70s Preppy single apple sweater. Teacher's pet indeed. CurrentVintage
A pretty pair to wear on your favorite cardi. Annie's Loft
And one last apple print apron to round it out. The atomic little fruits make me giddy! CollectibleKitchen
Ok so it ended up being more of a barrel than a basket..but I couldn't help it. After this post you shouldn't need to go to the doctor for at least a month...get it? "An apple a day keeps the Doctor away" har-d-har.

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Atomic Mama said...

i love the apple stuff!