Iron Orchid Giveaway Winner

Oh goodness, that was a rather small giveaway wasn't it. Only 5 entries? Well maybe feather hats aren't your cup of tea but one of the lucky 5 is getting a pretty little accessory...
..and the winner is

Eartha Kitsch (omg that name!)

Thanks to everyone who entered, a giveaway from Revolving Styles starts tomorrow and will run all week.

Also, the winner of the Lady Lux giveaway has not contacted me yet, please do so..Francis Poach


Iron Orchid Giveaway

Here is a gorgeous giveaway from Iron Orchid Vintage for this beautiful feathered hat and sexy black scarf.

This giveaway includes:
1950's Feather Hat
1960's Polka Dot Scarf

How to Enter:
First, you must be a BBV blog follower
Next, visit the Iron Orchid shop and pick out your favorite item to go with this hat, leave a comment with the link on this post, its that easy!
if there is no way to contact you on your profile you need to include your email or some other way of contacting you (twitter, facebook, ect) if you win..

You can get extra entries by:
Follow the Iron Orchid Blog (1entry)
Tweeting this giveaway to your followers on twitter tagging me @bombshellbettie & @IronOrchidvtg (1 entry)
Leave an additional comment for each entry!

This giveaway is open to all followers
Giveaway Closes Monday 6/25 at Midnight
Good Luck

Lady Lux Giveaway Winner

Thanks to every one that entered, this apron is so cute! Sometimes I wish I could enter my own giveaways!
Using a random number generator a winner was selected and it is ..
lucky number 13, Francis Poach

Francis please contact me via my profile email and I will forward your shipping information on to Lady Lux so you can receive your adorable apron!  Congrats!!!

Thanks to everyone who entered, there is another giveaway starting TOMORROW from Iron Orchid so you've got more chances to win! yes'm you do!
 It looks like we've got so many giveaways from our amazing sponsors it's going to take us right in to July! We've still got another giveaway (for the kiddos) from me and great items from Revolving Styles & The Very Thought of You


Giveaway: Lady Lux

 This giveaway is for this adorable 1950's patriotic apron. 
Provided by Lady Lux Vintage.

How to Enter:
You must be a follower of my blog..
First, head over to the Lady Lux shop and pick out something you would wear with this Apron.
Next, leave a comment including the link of the item on this post.
Please note: if there is no way to contact you on your blogger profile you need to include your email or some other way of contacting you (twitter, facebook, ect) if you win..
..and that's it.
Earn Extra Entries:
Follow the Lady Lux Blog (1 entry)
Like the Lady Lux facebook page (1 entry)
Tweet about this giveaway to your followers on twitter tagging me @bombshellbettie and @ladyluxvintage (1 entry)
Leave an additional comment for each entry!

This giveaway is open to US & International Customers
Giveaway Closes Wednesday 6/20 at Midnight
Good Luck


Giveaway Winner

The first giveaway is now closed.
Thanks to everyone for entering! Ive used a random number generator and the winner is.....# 14!
now, you didn't leave an email address and there is no contact on your blogger profile so if you could please email me via my profile at bombshellbettiesvint{at}gmail

Don't worry readers, another giveaway from Lady Lux starts tomorrow!!




Dress Week is over, now I can start thanking YOU, the readers, all 609 of you by offering giveaways from myself and our wonderful sponsors. The first giveaway is from moi. Its got lots of lovely items that I'm sure any one of you would enjoy.

This giveaway includes:
1940's Rayon scarf with gorgeous tasseled ends.
1950s faux pearl necklace with rhinestone clasp
1950's adjustable mink ring
1970s stamped brass butterfly frame with picture of little girl and dog

How to Enter:
First, you must be a blog follower
Next, leave a comment on this post
if there is no way to contact you on your profile you need to include your email or some other way of contacting you (twitter, facebook, ect) if you win..
..and that's it.

You can get extra entries by:
"liking" the BBV facebook page (1 entry)
Tweeting this giveaway to your followers on twitter http://tinyurl.com/7vjgpqz tagging me @bombshellbettie (1 entry)
Leave an additional comment for each entry!

This giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents ONLY (don't worry international customers, there are plenty more giveaways coming)
Giveaway Closes Wednesday 6/13 at Midnight
Good Luck


Dress Week: Day 7

Mostly Modern, Knits...

Well if this isn't a day late...oopsies. Very eventful day yesterday which just means a lot of people came over and I had no time to blog. Which is just fine with me..sorry readers. But here is my outfit from yesterday. A modern wiggle dress with some vintage accessories.

Corbin was wearing an adorable vintage knit yesterday, I fricken loved it! I have been waiting for him to fit into this sweater since he was born, its a little big on him which is good it means i'll get an extra month out of it..YAY! 
He also turned 4 months old yesterday, he is over 17 lbs and 26.5 inches long..the doctor said he was bigger than his 7 month old..hes going to be a big boy. :)

What I'm wearing
Dress: Macy's Clearance Center
Necklace: Art Deco Dame
Shoes: Mill Street Vintage (back before they were mill street vintage)

What He's Wearing
Vintage Sweater: GRAND knitwear, thrifted
Onesie: Carters, thrifted
Jeans: Koala Baby, thrifted

The end of dress week also means its GIVEAWAY time, there will be giveaways twice, weekly for the rest of the month from me and the great sponsors >>>
Good Luck!


Dress Week: Day 6

Oh So 60s..

I'll admit it, I'm not the biggest fan of 60s "MOD" fashion...ok, thats not true. I do love the style but it doesn't really work well with my body type. I (personally) think it works best for thin, not so curvy women with nice thin legs...I have none of those things...but I do love this dress. The pattern is awesome, it looks like pixels. I'm borrowing it from the shop today. I had a hard time adding it to the shop because it does fit well and the colors are fantastic..so until it sells, I may borrow it a few more times.


60s Dress: borrowed from my shop (which is currently running a sale)
60s Sweater: bought a long time ago from ebay, i think the shop is closed now.
60s Brooch: taken from my shop, you snooze you loose...it to me. haha
80s Shoes: ebay


Dress Week: Day 5

B is for Betty Bettie

This has just been a crappy weather week so i went to my "comfy" dress, this kind of low-key paisley dress is one of my very favorites. Its comfortable, kind of casual and pretty flattering and I love the colors, red with a peek of pink and orange. AND...eep I finally found a "Bettie" pin...I've always wanted one and after years of searching I finally gave up on finding a "bettie" in the perfect style so I went with a "Betty" same diff..Well after finding one I really liked I did a search on etsy to see if there was anything else out there and this one popped up. It was very similar to the first one I found but it had the rope detail behind which is a nod to my nautical side and that cute little star..I had to have, it arrived today and I love it!

Dress: Raleigh Vintage
Belt: Miss Farfalla Vintage
Pin: Beth's Everlasting
Shoes: thrifted


Dress Week: Day 4

Mini Paul Bunyan...

I bought this dress as a reward to myself for after Corbin was born. I neglected to remember my bust would be bigger so i kind of have to "make it work" right now. i think it still looks ok though.I bought this little plaid shirt tight after i found out i was having a boy. I think its darling, it reminds me of his grandpa Jim. Paired with his vintage overalls he is like a mini Paul Bunyan, don't ya think?

What i'm wearing
Dress: dear golden
pin: thrifted
belt: thrifted
nylons: i dont remember
shoes: Payless

What he is wearing
plaid shirt: thrifted
overalls: vintage, thrifted
onesie: calvin klein
socks: gymboree

My pin is really special to me, I really want to get it engraved with mine and my husband's name and our 10 year anniversary is coming up, I don't really have any extra money right now so I'm running a sale and hopefully I'll be able to get it engraved :) So please stop by the sale, thanks!


Dress Week: Day 3

Neon Pair..

We love colors in this house, tons of bright paint colors..our couch is orange for goodness sakes. So on dreary days like today, cloudy..rainy..just bleh. i like to bring out the bright colors and Corbin joins in too! NEON!!

What I'm Wearing
dress: Female Hysteria
shoes: vintage, ebay
What He is Wearing
Carter's Overalls


Dress Week: Day 2

Whoa Mama..

Ok, I did step it up a little bit today, this dress isn't breastfeeding friendly so I couldn't wear it for too long but I did get to take a trip to the store in my black wool wiggle dress. One of my favorite pieces I ever thrifted...can you believe I paid $7 for this?
Corbin was sleeping today so I was in kind of a rush to take photos..you never know how long you'll have and I knew when he woke up he would be hungry.

 my other favorite thing I ever thrifted, my 40s bow brooch. I had been searching for one, the perfect one and i found it at my favorite thrift shop..it cost more than the dress..but totally worth it.
=^.^=...................creeper cat
What I'm Wearing:
wiggle dress, thrifted
bow brooch, thrifted
tights, hue, Macy's
shoes..i don't remember, probably Ross

There will be a giveaway at the end of the week, gorgeous things including a 40s fringed shawl.