Dress Week: Day 2

Whoa Mama..

Ok, I did step it up a little bit today, this dress isn't breastfeeding friendly so I couldn't wear it for too long but I did get to take a trip to the store in my black wool wiggle dress. One of my favorite pieces I ever thrifted...can you believe I paid $7 for this?
Corbin was sleeping today so I was in kind of a rush to take photos..you never know how long you'll have and I knew when he woke up he would be hungry.

 my other favorite thing I ever thrifted, my 40s bow brooch. I had been searching for one, the perfect one and i found it at my favorite thrift shop..it cost more than the dress..but totally worth it.
=^.^=...................creeper cat
What I'm Wearing:
wiggle dress, thrifted
bow brooch, thrifted
tights, hue, Macy's
shoes..i don't remember, probably Ross

There will be a giveaway at the end of the week, gorgeous things including a 40s fringed shawl.


Vivi Loubelle said...

$7! Wowee! I wish they had those prices at my local thrift stores, or at least a better quality assortment of clothing. I love this dress on you, and that bow pin is divine. Great outfit.

- Vivi Loubelle

Apothecary Inn said...

You look GORGEOUS!!! :)

Gotta love those black wiggle dresses! I scored the most unbelievable 1940s knitted/beaded "wiggle" (really, it's just form-fitting and awesome) at my thrift store a few months ago for about $4. Gotta love those thrift store scores! I love my dress as well - they are SO comfortable, and they make you feel so good about yourself, too!

Teresa said...

Gorgeous dress and I adore your little bow brooch. So cute! Also, whoa for your awesome tights! :)