It only took me around 40 treasuries but I finally made it to the Etsy front page!It was my "Chic Equestrian" that finally did it for me. I loved the collection. Totally out of my comfort zone but it came together very well. There were 5 sales from the front page feature. :) And my blogger friend Des of Pretty Little Things made it to the front page for the first time in this collection with that amazing tie (which the whole collection was based on). I think she was kind of disappointed that it was only a tie that made it but you gotta start somewhere ;).

I'm still so excited. I felt like a proud mama yesterday (or what I assume a mama feels like) when I got the news...unfortunately I didn't get to see it for myself because I was out treasure hunting. Speaking of treasure hunts there are 3 new items in the store and 2 more to come today. And I'm 1 sale away from 100 sales on Etsy...which means time for a Markdown Sale! I'm deciding between 20% off everything for 7 days....or 50% off 10 things at a time for 7 days, think it over. Give me some feedback on which would you prefer. I have 110 items up in the shop right now. With one there is a chance the piece you want may not go on sale and with the other its not as low of a discount...tomAto-tomato I guess.

I've been busy making lots of tresuries...but one has eluded me for 4 days now and I'm starting to get mad. I want to make a retro-tiki wedding collection and I just can't seem to find the right pieces. If you have something in your store or you know of something that would fit the theme please link it! So far I have paper umbrellas and either tiki soap or salt and pepper shakers..its not good! I can't even decide on a dress. I don't know if i want to go full skirt or sarong style. Blarg!
Anyway give me some feedback about the sale and some suggestions if you've got them, for that tiki wedding treasury and check out all 6 pages of treasuries here.


Treasuries and Vote for Twila

OMG since the last time I posted my treasuries I've made ELEVEN more. I need to slow down, they aren't even good anymore.
Here is the link to all of them and here are my top 3 :)
Pushing Daisies
A treasury based on the show. If you've seen the show I think you'll get a kick out of it.
Gray isn't Dull
I believe the new season premiered last night. Although I've never actually see the show it got lots of positive feedback so I guess I guessed right on this one. Hehehe.
Oh and speaking of Mad Men they're having a casting call and you all should vote for Ms Twila Jean of This Blog she fab in about a billion ways and would be perfect for the show don't you think?
p.s. she bought those glasses from my store :D


Treasuries Thus Far...

I'm going to include the ones I made last night after midnight (when I get home from work now...boo)
Citrus Summer
Chic Equestrian
Up Up and Away

I've been trying to pick themes that I don't really know that much about, styles I wouldn't normally pick. Such as the equestrian theme...but every now and then I have to break down and do another 50s kitsch ;) hehehe. I think I'll work on either a "Safari" or "Tiki Party" treasury next...but for now I'm going to watch some Pushing Daisies (thanks Vixen Vintage for getting me hooked) and casually browse etsy looking for..you know, whatevs. Maybe some day I'll find a theme that will take me all the way to the front page..*le sigh*


Today's Treasuries

black and white

I love doing treasuries in black and white, taking something usually colorful and full of cheerful cheekiness and turning it into something chic and grown up. This time I've re-done Cinderella.
Its still quite popular even 10 hours later! A Cinderella Story. Have a look, its really quite lovely.
Also, BBV is now on Twitter and if you follow you'll know about new shop items, treasuries and tid-bits that much quicker.


today's treasuries

Hansel and Gretel
a super adorable treasury!
Pink Summer Wedding
And I love making wedding treasuries and this pink one is one of my favs. I love the soft petal pinks and deeper peony pink. How purdy!


2 treasuries for ya.

Last night and this mornings treasuries have to do with lovelies. The first one from last night is one you should all look at. Its amazing pieces that have been on etsy forever without a buyer...there is no reason, these amazing pieces shouldn't have a good home by now..I love them all and If they fit they would be MINE!...but they don't which is why they're here.
Its called "Shocked they haven't sold" and there are some crazy good deals in here!
This one was brought about by browsing on etsy..how most of my treasuries get started. I knew I wanted to find something summery to go with those adorable little popsicles in the necklace. And that kind of determined the color palate. I did use a shirt from my store that matched perfectly with a butterfly print in the perfect spring green and teal.
"Happy Summer" is waiting for you.
you can view all my treasuries here. :) thanks everyone..you're awesome!!!


Another Beach Treasury

I love all things nautical..if you didn't know that you've never read my blog..ever. I can't seem to stop making beach themed treasuries..even-though I live quite far from the beach. I made this treasury yesterday and forgot to post it up...oopsies.
I call it "Technicolor Shore". Please stop by, comment and click. :)

Little Red Riding Hood...

..you sure are looking good.
I made a Little Red Riding Hood themed treasury this morning. Called To Grandma's House. I think it turned out pretty cute!


Gifts from Bloggers

Way back when Vivian Von Dimples was having a giveaway on her blog for this set.
She had a white or red set to choose from and I LOOOOVE them! Once the giveaway was over...and I didn't win (boo) I asked her if there was a way to order one. And luckily for me she sent me an invoice and for crazy cheap (just $34) I had a collar and hat on its way from austrailia. OOH! I got them a couple of days ago and oh man are they cute!

I adore them, they were just what I didn't know I needed. I already used them for a shoot with that red dress I'm wearing..HOORAY!
Thanks Vivian Darling, you're the best!


Treasury and 200th post...

Wow..this isn't a very exciting 200th post...but I made a really cute (well, I think its cute)
50s housewife treasury this morning.
Plus I added 5 or so new things to the shop this week..1 of them already sold so I'll try to get more up. ;)

A Page from Marilyn Monroe

I usually feature Ms. Bettie Page for my outfit re-creations but I saw this adorable set of Marilyn and I thought "GAWD they just don't make shorts like they used to". They're short shorts...without the "trashy" feel we get from today's short shorts...you know the ones that hardly cover your naughty bits....yeah...these ones.I could never ever ever bring myself to wear a pair of "hot pants". But to me the 50s short shorts don't have the same feel. They're sexy and show a lot of skin...but they still cover your goods and leave what should be left to the imagination.
Marilyn is wearing her amazing high waisted shorts with a rolled up mock turtle neck. I opted for something more summery...it is summer now and its time to dress for it.

This is a matched set (with some sun damage) I love it! Perfect for summer
Salon Kitty
Another adorable set, this one has longer shorts but they're super tight so I think they're still very sexy even-though you're showing less skin.
This set (and all the ones following) are hand paired by myself from etsy stores.
Coral double breasted crop top & shorts
(both from) Studio1950
Striped Crop Top - DearGoldenVintage
Hot pink 80s high waisted shorts - AdrianCompanyVintage

Calico Crop top with beautiful details - roobyshoes
olive linen long shorts - MissFarfalla
Remember how I said they don't make shorts like they used to, well... Vivien of Holloway has a shorts line! (EEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeee) and they are ADORABLE!
Blush pink blouse with tie - TheVintageVortex
Red Reproduction Shorts - VivienofHolloway
Candy Stripe crop top with scalloped hem - lollycrispvintage
long bubble gum high waisted shorts - JessJamesJake
60s off red crop top - CositasSeriasVintage
40s perfectly pin up shorts - Miss1940svintage
Blue calico 80s crop top with sweetheart bust - CapriciousTraveler
Adorable light blue shorts - Vivien of Holloway
80s Peachy Coral tie back blouse (love this one) - 13Bees
Mega cute "Jean" pin up shorts - Vivien of Holloway
Dressy Kimono tie blouse - MissFarfalla
Trouser Shorts with oversized button (handmade) - Vees
I think this one might be my favorite.
Drawstring button blouse - Studio1950
Adorable sailor pin up shorts - OwlVintage

There, see a REAL post...a real-cute post too.
Oh how I wish I had the legs for shorts...and the waist for a crop top.


Marie Antoinette

Lately I've found some really lovely pieces with a "Marie Antoinette" theme to them so I decided to heart all the ones I came across until I had enough for a treasury..and I was about half way there and then just decided this morning to jump head first into it.
Its Not Just About the Cake...
a little bizarre...but I think its fun. There is a cute 40s inspired romper with lace trim in there...don't worry I'm not going Victorian I still love me some vintage..but I thought it was a nice change from the usual 50s party dress and heels.



I'm not personally the biggest fan of bohemian style...it is a bit too casual and can look very sloppy if not done just right...but that didn't stop me from trying my hand at it to feature one of my own pieces from my store.This bohemian style sun dress has been in my store for a very long time It started at $175 and is now after sale and markdown and sale and markdown to just $58...I am kind of in shock no one has bought this dress yet...I think its stunning! Its a soft sheer gauze over cotton with crochet banding. Its even more lovely in person...so I made this treasury for it...
Its already quite popular in the etsy treasury section (within the first 3 pages) I really love all the pieces in the collection, i think its just chic enough and soft enough to be a lovely wedding collection without looking TOO hippie.
That'll probably be my last one for now...I have to go to work soon..boo.

Alice again..

I try to stay away from the trends..especially movie trends but its hard when there are so many items out there. I wanted for this to be a sophisticated picnic style treasury with fancy flowers and what not but it turned in to an "Alice in Wonderland" theme and I'm not quite sure how. I started with this stunning dress
from Twila Jean of The Mysterious Life of the Metropolitan House Wife and exquisitebones on etsy. She just but up a bunch of new amazing pieces. Including this maternity dress which I also made a baby themed treasury for. :) And I wanted to stay with the gingham theme but it turned into this treasury..
Alice goes Black and White..I do actually like the treasury...I'm just mad at myself for choosing such a popular theme. Oh well.. Enjoy kittens.
Don't forget to shoot me some requests and themes for treasuries and posts.

Boo....I suck

I can't believe I've neglected my blog this much. I have so many posts to catch up on but I've been too busy making treasuries....I've made 42 of them in fact. Each one is like a treasure hunt blog post. I love making them! I love searching for buried etsy treasure. ;) I'm going to start posting them up on here as well so you guys don't miss out. And I promise I'll have a REAL blog post for you soon.....for now I leave you with my treasury link. and the screen shot from a few of my favorite treasuries so far
a high class nautical look inspired by looking fab and i love nautical everything..hehe
pastel is my favorite i love everything about pastel colors and I love everything in this treasury...it was all inspired by that amazing fabgabs dress!
This one was wacky..one of those treasuries that starts as one thing and then progresses into another..and another until you get "tea in the rose garden" hehehe.
This one was so much fun for me, it was my wedding re-done etsy style. Some of the things I would've wanted for my wedding had I discovered etsy before. It has my actual wedding dress in it and just enough nerd to keep my hubs happy. :)

Have a look at all my treasuries..if you have a theme you'd like to see, color, era, style....you name it. I'll find it! Just comment here and I'll get to work right away!