Treasuries Thus Far...

I'm going to include the ones I made last night after midnight (when I get home from work now...boo)
Citrus Summer
Chic Equestrian
Up Up and Away

I've been trying to pick themes that I don't really know that much about, styles I wouldn't normally pick. Such as the equestrian theme...but every now and then I have to break down and do another 50s kitsch ;) hehehe. I think I'll work on either a "Safari" or "Tiki Party" treasury next...but for now I'm going to watch some Pushing Daisies (thanks Vixen Vintage for getting me hooked) and casually browse etsy looking for..you know, whatevs. Maybe some day I'll find a theme that will take me all the way to the front page..*le sigh*


Charlotte said...

Well I don't know about the etsy powers that be, but I always enjoy your themes! I love how you pick unusual, offbeat themes (all three of these are fabulous!), and I don't even know how you manage to find such an array of fabulous stuff to bring together.

xx Charlotte
Tuppence Ha'penny Vintage

Lauren Maurer said...

You have an amazing eye for grouping together awesome treasuries! :)