I can't sew...there I said it...I can't. I haven't done anything related to sewing my own clothing because I can't even make a pillow have straight seams :( I used to "sew" with my step mom which consisted of me cutting thread and the one time I tried to cut a pattern for a dress she was making me I cut it wrong and it turned out so badly I never wore it. But I WANT to make my own clothes, or at least be able to fix a hem in a dress. I have this amazing 80s shirt-waist dress that I found locally and I would love to wear it but its very long, almost to my feet but I want it to be just below the knee...well its been sitting in my closet for almost 2 years and I haven't been able to wear it because I can't fix the hem. I even got a cute little "beginner" sewing machine as a wedding gift and I've never even turned it on. I'm scared to death of messing up my lovely dress but I don't know where else to start. I did buy some scrap fabric at an antique store the other day but I wouldn't want to start with that either because of the age. I see so many beautiful rockabilly style dresses on etsy and I want to have some of my own SO bad! Any suggestions for a good "beginner" fabric or pattern?


Treasure Hunt Anyone?

Yesterday was a pretty dull day, I waited around all day to go to my grandma's house but it turns out thats not until today :S oh well. But I did manage a treasure hunt trip in the morning. I looked around my favorite shop for about and hour and a half with only a couple things I didn't feel too strongly about but retraced my steps back to where I started my search and found 2 adorable dresses. 1 with my "thing" for right now, dresses with fur trim. And a cherry red full skirt dress with velvet and lace detailing around the waist...oh and as I was waiting in line this adorable leopard print hat jumped out at me so I took that too. All together, not too bad for a saturday @ 10 am. They'll be listed on Tuesday around 7pm pacific time (like usual).


New Years Dress?

Now that the holiday is over its time to start thinking about the new year. And what better way then to start thinking about the dress you'll be wearing? I'm a big fan of statement pieces, one dress/jacket/sweater/pair of shoes that will WOW everyone around you and make them wish they were wearing it. Here are my picks for "Statement Party Dresses" for Ringing in the New Year!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Savings..

Hoping you're having a vintage filled Christmas. Whether its bringing out your great grandmothers nativity set or wearing a beaded holiday sweater or (hopefully) you got some beautiful vintage pieces or gave some as gifts.
I have a jantzen holiday sweater I wear every year on Christmas that I found locally at a second hand store. Its got red, green and gray stripes and has a gold rectangular zipper pull. Here is it in my christmas card picture from last year. Its so cute, I just love it.

Well I want to offer one last sale for the end of the year and I want to thank my Facebook Fans specifically for the support they've offered me this year. My sales are up and my finds have been amazing! So I'm offering my 59 facebook fans 59% off of any item in my etsy store from today until January 3rd. Just convo me with the item you want and I'll hold it for you and adjust the price. The only item excluded from the sale is the 50s wedding dress. So that gives you 59 items you could save 59% on.

Here is hoping your 2009 was great and your 2010 is even better! CHEERS xxoo Bombshell Bettie



i was reading this cute little blog post today about a funny little book about not being wasteful (from the 50s) and it gave the idea that instead of trowing out your old coffee you could put it into ice trays and freeze it for iced coffee on hot days..well since we won't be having those any time soon I thought it would also be a great way to cool down your coffee (if you're a baby about hot drinks like my hubby) without adding more creamer or milk diluting the coffee goodness...or you could use it to spice up another drink without overpowering it with coffee flavor, like eggnog! Anyways...just a thought I had.

The 12 Days of Deals

Going from Dec 14-25th in my Etsy store I'm having 1 randomly selected item 50% off for 24 hours at a time. So far we've had the red pea coat the hot pink peingnoir the avant garde navy cape, the brown and white cardigan and 80s crinoline sundress at 50% off! Still 7 days left of deals so don't get discouraged if you missed out on the first few days. Such great deals, the 50% off puts most items at around $2o or LESS! Thats a great deal for quality vintage and NO ITEM WILL BE DISCLUDED FROM THE SALE but keep in mind they're all random so even I don't know which piece will be up for sale on any given day. Check my FB Fan Page for the post or go directly to my Etsy Store and it will be in the featured listings section.

Ebay listings are all about suits this week. Sorry, no pics until tomorrow. ;) Gotta get you to come back some-how now don't I?


oops i almost forgot about the blog...

well i know its been quite a while since I posted anything. I just don't know what to say. I could talk about my newest vintage pieces, sales and listings. I could talk about vintage fashion. How-to style vintage fashions with modern ones. Which vintage pieces i'd love to have...oh geez, I could say so much...but I don't really have much to say. I've been reading more vintage blogs, most of them already cover these points. So how about saying something different...but what?hmmm i'll have to think about it...

oh and incase you were wondering I got a rating of 3.2 last time I looked at the zombie pin-up contest..not good. It pretty much discouraged any thoughts or dreams I had of pin-up modeling. oh well....we can't all do what we want.

Business has been good with ebay and etsy. 9 items sold on etsy...lots of ebay sales...but its the holidays now so ebay sales are slowed. No one wants to buy vintage for christmas.