Meet Bettie

Hey Doll! I'm "Bombshell Bettie" I'm 26, married and had a beautiful baby boy in February.
I have been selling vintage since 2005 and blogging since 2009. I started selling on ebay and am now selling exclusively on etsy. I love thrifting and finding unique and classic items from all eras. I do my best to make sure you can find anything from the 1940s-1980s in my shop and something in every size. As a "curvy" girl I know how hard it is to find larger vintage so I do my best to keep it stocked in the shop.
I love nautical style, brooches, cardigans and collect various vintage items; crinolines, cole of california bathing sutis, 60s multi strand necklaces, mid century lamps, jantzen ads and bettie page photos (about 6500 so far). I love what I do and I hope it shows.