Goodness can you believe this is the last giveaway? They've gone by so quick. But with this last one we're certainly going out with a bang. It will be 3...count 'em...3 prizes given away this week...and here is what you could win....
This lovely navy set. A seashell clutch (with coin purse and mirror) navy faux pearl necklace and navy short gloves.

I had so much fun...I didn't want to give up this set...I love everything!
Sorry the dress already sold from my shop..

coin purse
I love love love these gloves...If someone wants to trade me for a long pair I have in my collection...let me know ;) teeheehee

The next prize set you can win is....
A sweet little hankie with a super cute notepad set of dress and shoes...
All the prizes above are from our lovely sponsor Ms Dawn of Timeless Treasures Boutiques...aka Slapsy Maxi. Visit her stores, some great deals and GORGEOUS pieces...lots of larger sizes!
Ebay Shop
Etsy Shop
And the final prize you are entering to win is from me...
A beach pin up brooch. Is she not the cutest?! I love her gingham outfit!

Ok this giveaway will be just slightly different from the other ones I have had. This one will have 3 different winners. So if you enter you could win any of the three (but not all three).

To enter for these giveaways:
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(I need to have a way to contact you if you win!)

Comment to THIS POST
Take a look at Dawn's shops and tell me what your favorite piece is..I am in love with the hats from her etsy shop!

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So you could get up to 4 entries!
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This giveaway closes Saturday at Midnight, winner will be announced NEXT SUNDAY. Each of the three prizes will have different winners...they will all be selected randomly. As 3rd, 2nd and Grand Prizes. This is going to be fun!

And the last of the birdie brooch giveaways is coming later in the week as well.

Thanks Everyone...and


OMG I'm such a slacker. I totally forgot about what day it was. I was very busy on my birthday (yesterday) and went to bed early. Sorry kittens. You were entering to win this adorable teal dress from the lovely Ms Linda of Rare Essence Vintage.
Thanks to everyone for entered....but there can only be one winner...and it is.....
congrats hun, please email me with your addy and I'll ship this little gem out to you right away.

I hope you are having a lovely halloween weekend everyone....on and please don't forget to stop by the 25% off sale I'm having right now...good until midnight tonight!



The "Happy Birthday Bettie" 25% off Sale is already up and running.
It includes everything in my shop..except the birdie brooches because they were listed after the sale had started...but they're still a great price!

Some seriously good deals happening right now...here are just some of the things you can find..
Harvest Party
Was $78 now $58.50
Wiggle on Over
Was $74 now $55.50
Bombshell's Night Out
Was $98 now $73.50
Forties Wildflower
Was $124 now $93
Lime Butterfly
Was $10 now $7.50
French Rosette
Was $68 now $51
Pink Lady
Was $54 now $40.50

So many great deals....so much more in my shop or you can look at everything Here on the Etsy on Sale site.


Today's Finds

Halloween is winding down (shopping season that is) so I figured that the stores would be pretty barren as far as vintage goodies go...but I was VERY presently surprised that there was plenty of fresh inventory to choose from...so much in fact I had to leave some behind. I'll start with my favorite piece..
This Alfred Shaheen dragon print wiggle dress with bolero.
built in belt and oriental stylings.
Do you know how long I've been looking for one of these? I found 2 Shaheen's in my 5 years of selling. One full skirt sun dress with smocked back and one 70s high slit tunic dress...very high slit.....and this makes 3...very excited!
Wool sheath dress with bubble ruffle sleeves...i love those.
this print make me happy :)
mid 60s houndstooth wiggle dress and bolero set

This isn't something I would've usually picked up...but it caught my attention and wouldn't let go. I bet it will look fantastic on the mannequin with the pin tucking on the jacket
check out this print! love it!
So lovely lighter than air robe
My hubs gave me the idea for a "sail" aka a nautical sale..I plan on stocking up on nautical goodies and having a big blow out in spring/summer.

Men's super light hawaiian shirt

I bought this one on etsy...i was expecting something smaller..like wallet size or hand size...so I guess I'll have to pass on this 40s Corde clutch with molded Lucite handle...

60s drop waist paisley, great for layering, autumn colors
YSL moth eaten hat...poor little thing I had to rescue its adorable kelly greenness from a thrifty...I don't think I'll get any collectors buying this hat because of the state of the wool....but I love when pieces aren't in perfect condition....you know they've got a story.

oh, and I picked up this sweet little corsage that I'll be making into a brooch...not sure yet if I'm going to sell this...its so cute i may just have to add it to my brooch collection.

TOMORROW is the 1st day of the 25% off sale.
Do you have your items picked out yet?
I expect items to go fast with the deals that are going to be in the shop.
I have lots of things already under $20...not to mention the great deals on the high-end dresses. I just added some designer pieces and holiday pieces to the shop.
Please spread the word about the sale..the better it goes...the more often they'll happen!

I also want to give a shout out to my BBV friend Blue Butterfly Vintage who is having a 30% off pre-holiday sale right now!
Check out her 10 pages of goodies!
And the lovely Sarah Louise who is having a 15% off sale in her shop Slubird as well...its sale season and there are plenty of gorgeous pieces ripe for the picking...get your holiday shopping done early!


Ok kittens, second to last birdie has just found a new owner thanks to my trusty random number generator...but we'll get to that in a second.
First I'd like to know how you liking the birdies? Do you think they would make a good gift? Is there anything else you would like to see? I have lots of other brooch shapes in my shop.
I hope you're enjoying them as much as I am :D I wear mine all the time...yes I have some for myself too, I can't let you guys have all the fun, all the time ;)

Before I announce the winner I have a few more announcements...very exciting ones!

1. Birdie Brooches are being listed this weekend!
2. Starting Friday I'm having a 25% off SALE to celebrate my 25th birthday...as you may have heard from the Huzzah blog post... ...or seen the new banner on Vixen Vintage Blog
(did you see her latest outfit post..OMG!)
3. Nov 1st I'm sponsoring a Giveaway on Huzzah! I won't give up too many details but you'll get the chance to win 1 of 2 things...and one of them is a NEVER BEFORE SEEN birdie brooch shape!!

Alright...I know you've all been waiting (probably not very patiently) for me to announce the winner...and this week's winner is lucky #3...
Vintage Seen of Vintage Seen Blog, @wildfell_hall on twitter and WildFellHallVintage her shop is GORGEOUS with lots of pieces I'm pining over!

Congrats hun!

So sorry if you didn't win this week's birdie brooch..you still have 1 more chance to win...or you can purchase your favorite one from my shop this weekend. Thanks to everyone who entered!
If you didn't win the birdie, you still have time to enter the Dress Giveaway sponsored by RareEssenceVintage she seriously gorgeous items at crazy good prices...AND she is having a Pre-Holiday Sale right now...so her low prices are even lower! I know!
If you're interested in becoming a BBV sponsor please email me via my profile!
Have a great week everyone!



Its early wednesday, so you know what that means. Giveaway time. Just 2 more birdies left to win, here is the one of them. :D
This is one of my very favorite. I had to keep one of these for myself. I love this little robin.

This little tweetheart is so ready to brighten someones day. Will it be yours?

This giveaway is only running for 24 hours.
I will announce the winner tomorrow so you better get your entries in asap!

Enter By Commenting to THIS POST! There will be a link at the top of the page for the next 24 hours so you can easily get back to this post. :)
please sign in or leave your email or twitter address so I can get a hold of you if you win!


Easy Halloween Treats

I've always had to work on Halloween. I think the one year I didn't, we lived in an apartment building so no kids came to the door...I was SOOO sad. Trick or Treaters are my favorite part of Halloween. Well this year Halloween is on a Sunday and that means lots of parties this weekend...and if you're like me. You want to impress, without too much effort...

Well I found 2 easy, super cute recipes that are bound to please and SO easy to do!

Witch Hat Cookies
You will need:
1 package Fudge Stripe Shortbread Cookies
1 tube colored decorating frosting
1 bag Hershey's kisses (unwrapped)

Pipe a little bit of frosting in the center of the cookie. Press the kiss into the frosting. Pipe a small band around the kiss and decorate as you please.
I didn't even do that much. I did mine at 4 am so I just put a big enough blob of frosting so that when I pushed the kiss down it squished out the side and made its own band. The only down side to doing it my way is that you have to keep them on a flat surface until the frosting sets or the kisses will slide.

Cute Spider Cookies
You will Need:
1 package of chocolate sandwich cookies (oreos)
1 tub vanilla or chocolate frosting
1 bag chocolate covered pretzels
1 box red hots or mini m&m's

Preparation :
Split the cookies, instructions say to scrape out the filling and replace with the frosting..I say Just add some of your frosting to the top! (TRIPPLE STUFFFFFFFF!!) Its easiest to do this with a piping bag if you don't have one you can make your own by placing frosting into a zip-lock bag and then cutting off one of the corners. Always cut your corner too small...you can make it bigger...but not smaller. Then brake the curvy parts off of 2-3 pretzels and stick them into the sides of the frosting. Then place your top back on your cookie and place 2 red hots as eyes either into the frosting or you can add a little frosting to each eye and stick them to the top of the cookie.
A lady at work made the spider cookies for our halloween snack day. I made witch hats and she made spiders. They were the CUTEST things I've ever seen! I had to take a few home so I could get pics...and cuz they were so yummy!
Here are my witch hats...can you tell I made them at 4 am?
Or you can make witch spiders! ;)