Pumpkins and Pins

I have had a very fun weekend. I spent all day Saturday running around with my best buddy, finished up some special brooches and today we lazed about and then carved pumpkins. Which the hubs and I have never done together. It was quite fun. :)
Here are our pumpkins, I wanted a great big one!
Here is the kitty watching the action, the hubs cleaning out the pumpkins
pumpkins seeds!
Ugh, pumpkin in my hair!
clean pumpkins, ready to go
here is my inspiration
here is my sketch...what a mess
here is how the hubs does pumpkins, cutting out his pattern following it carefully
outlining everything
here is how I roll.....its a mess!
The hub's finished pumpkin
my finished pumpkin
the hubs' finished pumpkin
out on the stoop :D! how fun!

I also worked on a special edition of brooches this weekend.
I bought these cute little pocket watch brooches
added some charms and beads
and here they are...like 90% finished

I hope you like them...it was too cloudy to get good pics today. I will try to get them in the shop soon. :)

I hope your weekend was as good as mine!

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Mrs Cleaver said...

That's what my hubby & i would be like,he being very careful & precise & neat & me just like you lol:)
Both the pumpkins & the sweet little brooches are awesome!!

Betty2Tone said...

I love the cat pattern!

Ruby Rach said...

I love the pumpkins! The storm trooper is awesome (for the Star Wars geek in me), and your kitty turned out amazingly!

Your brooches look fantastic too - I'm sure they'll sell like hotcakes :)

iron orchid said...

Did he seriously make a Storm Trooper pumpkin? What a bad%#s! (pardon my enthusiastic expletive!)

Bombshell Bettie said...

YEAH!!!!! <3

five stones said...

Your hubs is too funny.
I could never be neat and careful! Crash & burn is how I roll. p

ldylux said...

hey, you did a great job for just doing it on the fly! don't get me wrong, your hubby's is great but yours is equally great! ;)