Ooh I almost forgot (shame on me) its Wednesday, and that means its time to offer another of my handmade birdie brooches to you little ladies (and gentlemen)!

Each wednesday I'll be offering one of my handmade (by me) brooches to introduce my new "birdie" brooch shapes which will be launching at the end of October. I actually don't have a name for this one just yet...so how about in your comments you tell me what you would name him.

This giveaway is only running for 24 hours.
I will announce the winner tomorrow so you better get your entries in asap!

Enter By Commenting to THIS POST! There will be a link at the top of the page for the next 24 hours so you can easily get back to this post. :)
please sign in or leave your email or twitter address so I can get a hold of you if you win!

Oh and on a side note, some big news for me. I'm getting my first ever magazine interview. I can't wait to share how it goes :)


Betty2Tone said...

I think that's the cutest bird pin yet

shique said...

Awwww! What a cute birdie pin! Can't wait to see what other lovelies show up in your store!


And best of luck with the magazine interview!

Shallow Mallow said...

Congrats on the interview!
How about 'A Little Bird Told Me..' brooch or 'Your Feathered Friend'

He looks so chirpy I am reminded of that song.. Ooh wee chirpy chirpy cheep cheep..

im zoe said...

A really chite, what about calling him Charlie Bird. He's lovley a great giveaway


Foxy Coxy said...

Absolutley loving the colours on him! Cute and great for Autumn.



la pie qui chante pour un oui pour un non said...

This one is absolutely fabulous!!!

The Road to Vintage said...

Aw, so cute! I love all the colors!

My email is:

Many thanks!

Stephanie Lynn said...

Congrats! And he is so cute!

girlwiththestarspangledheart [at] gmail [dot] com

Ginger said...
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Ginger said...

Congrats on the interview! How exciting!

This birdie is so charming, love his colors!
While I think the Charlie Bird idea posted above is tops, for some reason I want to call him by Andre....Andre Oiseaux. I guess he seems french to me.


twinklez1985 said...

I was thinking Golden Autumn because of his colours.


iron orchid said...

Love the little birds! I'm in!

Lizzie said...

That's so pretty!


Anonymous said...

<3 love it.


Amanda said...

Super cute!

Jenn said...

ohh i love this.

Lisa said...

What a handsome little chap - he had a real smile on that face of his. I wish I had a book of bird so I could find his realy name.

I hereby dub him Bertie Bluetail.

Miss Emmi said...

Still trying for a birdie pin, hehe. They're so cute!

Mama Grubbs said...

cute! love it!

Dawn Steckmesser said...

Tweet! Tweet! What a TWEETY!!!!