Birthday Wishes

Its getting pretty darn close to my birthday (2 weeks) and I've been scowering etsy for all those things I want...but could never afford and put together my own "Birthday Wishes" list for things I wish I could buy...teehee.

I adore this celery colored dress for my winter/spring wardrobe how sweet would this look with my navy cardigan? or a hot pink cardi and a white belt?
Dress is from 13 Bees

Unless one of these falls on my head I'll never even get to see one in person.
Wolf Dress Form from Topsy Design
Saw this on the front page a while ago. I totally fell in love with it. I SO want a suspender skirt...and the pockets are like the cherry on top!
Skirt from Liza Reitz
Love the colors of this necklace. Made from vintage odds and ends.
From GingerHollow
Nautical + Bow = winner all around. I like how its oversized but not like...WHOA oversized.
From Regal Rose
As you may or may not know I almost bought this necklace. The seller was going to offer me a discount but then decided that she was going to take it to a trunk show instead and got very pushy with me over buying it and it kind of turned me off to the whole thing...I still really want the necklace..but I don't know if I want to buy from the person..ya know?
Bauble Bangle Button
I have had this necklace in my favorites FOREVER...its spectacular. I've always wanted one of these but would be scared to death to wear it, knowing its value.
Necklace from VintageBlueMoon
This is more up my alley than a necklace...but still WAY out of my price range.
Cameo Collectibles
Another way out of my price range brooch, I adore pretty much everything from
How cute is this beaded bag. It reminds me of starfish in the sand
From OpheliaVintage
SO SO SO cute. I love this spunky starfish brooch!
This dress is not usually my style...but there is something totally charming about this patchwork print. Usually patchwork seems very "hippie" to me but this mid century patchwork is way super cute. Plus with a bright yellow cardigan this would be perfect for my new winter look!
Another from 13 Bees
Plaid + orange + pockets! You can't go wrong! I love this dress. Great with a lilac cardigan, don't you think?
TeeHee, you cant tell me you don't want one of these too! Bright orange cupcake trinket box.
From Fruitflypie
I LOVE BLENDO! I would prefer a set in pink to match my kitchen but orange IS my favorite color.
BettysKitschen <-how cute is that shop name?! Hers and His tumblers. Have I mentioned before that I love mid century glassware? Cuz I do.
This dress I actually found when searching for dresses for someone else. I liked it so much I put it in my favorites and have been drooling over it ever since. I would've bought it back in the day but I think it may be a bit too small in the bust and I HATE being squished. YEOUCH!
And finally this stunning beaded cardigan...the flowers remind me of sand dollars...I'm such a nautical fanboy...LOL So pretty! I also want THIS BAG from the same shop, so cool!
From TheGreedySeagull

I hope you all are having a lovely weekend. I have an extended weekend. I did some modeling today for IronOrchidVintage who is sponsoring a Giveaway that ends TONIGHT at midnight so you better get your entries in if you haven't already.
I'll put up some pics when she gets the listings up....let me tell you the dresses are A-MAZING! And she sent me 3 more giveaway items for you lucky readers to win!

and the 15% off sale has been extended for another week! And I've added some more dresses (a couple with a 32 waist) in the shop today. Have fun kids!
And I also wanted to mention my friend is having her 1 year anniversary sale right now and you should check it.


Zohar said...

you are the sweetest :) I also I adore that pumpkin dress from deargolden, it's delightful.

Amanda / Rust Belt Threads said...

these are such wonderful finds! thanks for including my pink and blue glasses. hope you have a fantastic birthday!

13bees said...

happy vintage birthday!! xo

Darlene said...

Oy vey! You have good taste, mon ami. I hope you get all you wish for and more.