I've wanted to be a pin-up model since I first discovered pin-up. I quickly grew obsessive with Bettie Page (cult pin-up legend) Dying my hair dark and giving myself bettie bangs. I was told I looked like her (YAY!!!!!)So that made my passion for modeling grow and grow. Right after highschool one of my girlfriends and I modeled for each-other for fun. I loved it. We grew apart after lying to one of my other friends and blah blah you know how that goes. So I've been out of the lens for a while....and I've let myself go with age, boredom and a sedentary job. I'm trying to take more pictures...nothing really below the waist (unless I have to) and facebook has helped me re-gain some of that lost confidence. I've discovered this adorable web site MyZombiePinUp.com. <3 it! And right now they're having a contest to win a spot in their next calendar. I know I won't win...cuz I'm much too heavy to be picked....but just the thought that I COULD win makes me feel giddy. I keep going back and forth because of my overweightness whether or not I want to enter...but my friend convinced me to do it....Here's hoping... :) I'll post again when i've sent in my entry...it probably won't even be considered for the contest...LOL


New Inventory Preview!

Some amazing pieces this week. I was very excited! I've been going later in the day than I used to go so I'm always afraid that I won't find anything. Gold lame pellum cocktail dress, silk 50's sailor girl dress, purple prairie dress, pink and black lace lolita dress and brightest pink peignoir set!