Thursday Thrift

We had a fun day of thrifting on thursday. The babe slept, we stopped by a few shops and I actually found quite a few things for the shop. Some classic pieces and some I'll be saving for autumn (unless you would like them earlier)
 60s bikini, comes with tent top cover up
 roxanne wrap swimsuit
 aqua sheath
 ethnic embroidered mini
 hot pink "american shirt dress"
 also in turquoise
 stunning watercolor nylon dress
 poppy print maxi
 plaid prairie dress
rust maxi with the perfect fit

i've got some jewelry and baby clothes that haven't been photographed yet. But i will say i have an adorable vintage carters swimsuit that i'm dying over.

look for these items in the shop soon!

Shop the Sponsors: Telltale Hearts

Summer is going to be fierce this year. We've had 80 degree heat this spring so i'm thinking hot pieces for summer and you know what i'm going to say...no better place to shop than with the sponsors. 
I'm  looking at Telltale Hearts Vintage for the goods.
 this ruffle crop top better be hitting the beach this summer
 neon plaid mini? yes, please!
 this hot pink is perfect for hot summer nights
you cant beat this playful sundress for spunky 80s summer style, love it with the combat boots!
 how about this tropical wrap blouse..would look great paired with a sundress
 silky, sexy, summer
 the iconic white summer sun dress
you cannot pass up this maxi!

So many more items waiting for you at Telltale Hearts Vintage. You have to check it out!


What He Wore

We've had some way-too-hot days lately, we're talking 80 dregree, diaper only days. So when it was rainy and 55 yesterday I jumped at the opportunity to put Corbin in his new (vintage) outfit, before he grows out of it next week, haha. When I saw this outfit on etsy i had to pounce. Its way too cute.

He looked too cute, i love this outfit..i kinda hope it rains soon so he can wear it again :)

Outfit: vintage Health-Tex from PeppermintandCocoa
Tennis Shoe Socks: Thrifted


Shop the Sponsors: Iron Orchid Vintage

When is the last time you went on a "date night"? I've been craving a reason to dress up and look cute and you know shopping with the sponsors is the best way to get the look you want. Iron Orchid Vintage is full of beautiful cocktail pieces, have a look.
 beautiful cheongsam cocktail dress, you know this has the perfect wiggle
 Beautiful, i mean beautiful lace cocktail dress with satin bow and train!
 this dress is gorgeous, i love the beading on the neck and the glittering silver threads
 faux fur is so luxurious
 mustard is the hottest color right now and this little lace mini won't disappoint
Oh, who is that?! Its meeee modeling this drop dead cut out dress...I'm seriously shocked this hasn't sold. Its flipping amazing, someone needs to buy it...like, yesterday.

There are lots more gorgeous items to see in the Iron Orchid shop.


Easy BBQ "Salad"

Just about every family gathering i've gone to since as long as I can remember we've always brought "salads". You know, pistachio salad or broccoli salad or berry salad. My mom has always been the "queen" of salads in our family..well I love pistachio salad, my mom would always make a huge bowl of it and while trying to figure out what I was going to bring to thanksgiving I made my own take on the pistachio salad and its my go-to salad now. I make it for every gathering, heck. I made it today. Its my "signature" and i am expected to bring it and its so yummy and EASY I don't mind at all!

What you'll need:
1 (3.5 oz) box coconut cream jello
2 (11 oz) cans of mandarin oranges
1 (8 oz) container of whipped topping
1/2 bag (8 oz) mini marshmallows

All you have to do..
 pour jello mix into your favorite container
 add 1 can (with syrup) and 1 can (with syrup drained) to jello
 mix & chop the oranges into chunks
 add half the whipped topping and mix and mix and mix
then add the rest, (adding it in stages is easier and makes less mess...trust me)
 then add about half a bag of mini marshmallows
and mix..
yeah, that's it...it takes about 5 minutes. 
This much serves at least 6-8 people, I like to chill it for at least an hour or 2 before serving so the marshmallows get plump and soft. Its quick and cheap and everyone loves it. Like I said, I made it today for my hubs' bday bbq and I thought you all might want to try it.


Thursday Thrift

Yesterday we went thrifting. Usually done at nap time in the middle of the day but yesterday we went late and my thrifting buddy was having none of this car seat so i got to carry him around for a while. Luckily the hubs took over so my arm didn't fall off and we found some cute things.

 one shoulder swimsuit
 plaid peekaboo swimsuit
 1989 patch
 red lace body con dress
 cute 60s mini nightie
 kelly green pencil skirt with large tone on tone polka dots
 the perfect summer skirt
 with eyelet embroidery around the hem
 cute little girl set (6-9 mos) and 2 pairs of baby shoes
 magenta 60s sheath with rose lace
 jewelry...but like the little fish i think the owl (seen on instagram, search for bombshellbettiesvint) will be staying with me..for a while anyway.
 my sleepy shopper
soooo sleeeeepppyyyy

Well that's all for this week, you'll be seeing a lot of these next week if the weather cooperates. 
Oh and the last day for the Spring Fling Sale is TODAY so don't miss out. 20% off!


Shop The Sponsors - Created & Collected

I've been all about the 60s lately. Sheath dresses, minis and lots of layers and I'm especially attracted to nautical colors..I get this way every spring/summer. Red and Navy thats what I want! And what better place to get it than our sponsors? I'm talking Created and Collected.
 love the button detail
 very peggy olson, love the two piece look.
 you can't beat a classic knit, later 60s/70s but still works for me!
 60s + sailor = WINNER!
 Also digging this cherry coat!
 Ok, if this were my size i would've snagged it a long time ago, Cole of California coverup with fishnet!
 Super cute mini with a faux belt!
and because I can't resist pretty 60s either I have to include this beautiful baby blue party dress.

MOD not your thing? You can find styles from the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s in the Created and Collected shop! That is definitely something for everyone!