2 Months

Well I can hardly believe it but my little boy is 8 weeks old today. 2 months! That is so crazy, I could swear he was just born. I am loving being a mom, its hard. Really hard sometimes but when he gives me one of his big toothless grins my heart just melts! I flipping love him so much! I've been instagram obsessed since they brought it to android and I've been taking lots of pics and I thought while I was at it, I would get some outfit pics with him. I'm not looking too fat right now..not thin...but I can't complain. The weather is terrible, some amazing 65+ degree days and 99% crappy rainy days. As soon as the weather clears we'll be out there in the sunshine, getting some exercise and hopefully losing some of this baby weight.
 Me and the little man
 toothless smile eeeeep i love it

 oh I also got an instagram account now, you can find me as bombshellbettiesvint or just look for them on my twitter feed.
I'm wearing:
vintage cardigan
new top
hydraulic capri's
rocket flats
He is wearing:
Carter's embroidered whales sleep and play


Alicia said...

Cuteness GALORE! What a lovely, full head of hair baby has! And you're looking amazing!

Bunny Moreno said...

He is such a cutie pie!!!!!! And you look fantastic!!!! xox

MistressCatgirl said...

Such a cute little boy. He has lots of hair too! You both look great an very happy.

Teresa said...

He's adorable and looks like you!
(Love his whale sweater)

art deco dame said...

You're both so freaking cute!And cliche but yep,goes by to fast.