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I could use a vacation. We got 1 really lovely sunny day and now i'm craving more! Wouldn't a vacation to a warm, maybe tropical destination be ideal right now. Well of course i would need some great vacation clothes and where to look other than the sponsors? And i'm looking at Created and Collected for hot clothes for hot weather.
 hawaiian vacation anyone?
 ready to hit the beach!
 love this print!
 so pretty for lunch at the cafe
 you've got to have a great bag!
 sexy and flattering
 love this for dinner at the luau
 maybe some dancing?
 this is called the Jamaica set, how perfect is that?!
in love with his bold floral sundress with cape, dont have to worry about burning your shoulders
what vacation would be complete without a great pair of sandals?

Visit Created and Collected to see all the gorgeous things in the shop.
currently, this dress has stolen my heart. How about you?

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wholesale artful dodger said...

Love this outfits, The color were incredible and very fascinating. I will refer this to my friend. Big thanks.