Happy Gay and Lesbian Pride Month

Sorry this is on the very last day of the month. I'm kind of a slacking posting so much stuff about myself. But I've got a rainbow featurette in honor of PRIDE month! You're gunna love it. I picked out all my favorite chiffon party dresses and even found some matching shoes for you ;) Enjoy!Starting with the "rainbow" dress in pretty pastel pink with tab detail. So cute!
Gorgeous pastel rainbow pumps.
Bubblegum Pink with lace bodice and chiffon skirt and sweetest bow at the waist.
Gorgeous pink and pink party sandals! I love these!
Cherry chiffon with wrap waist.
Adorable cherry sandals with ankle wraps
Cream orange with quilted bodice stunning chiffon skirt.
Orange and cream pin hole pumps. Love the color, WISH they were my size!
Pretty as a daisy lemon chiffon party dress. Classic lines, beautiful color.
I saw a set like these in a sears catalog in my art class in high school I have always wanted to see some/own a pair. What a fun combo with the lemon dress. Its so light and airy these color block sling backs really ground the look.
Love this lime and olive party dress. Olive is really a color I think is under appreciated.
2 tone olive and dark olive pumps with amazing stitching..WOWIE!
My aqua chiffon dress with floral underlay. I looove this dress I couldn't resist putting it in.
Aqua pumps with snakeskin details, these match perfectly!
Indigo floral with some deeper purple roses.
Navy snake skin pumps with rosettes
Purple and lilac chiffon with drop waist and amazing rushing.
Gorgeous babydoll pumps in the perfect lavender purple.


Enough About Me..

Lets get back to what I'm good at, showing you pretty things you want to buy. Today I was just thinking about sweater pins for some reason. Its 80+ degree weather and I'm wondering about sweaters...thats me for ya. I wear sweaters all year long because of my arms...and I've got a cardigan collection so why hide it..hehehe. Well I had a sweater clip it was pretty much 2 aligator clips with some white beads on a chain in between. It probably cost about 2 cents to make and I think I got it free on a vintage sweater that I paid 25 cents for. It was ugly but I still made use of it quite often..until one of the clips broke off somewhere and now I have a clip with some beads dangling from the bottom...and since 2 of my favorite brooches are were MIA I went a looking for a set of 2 nautical pins and ran across an amazing sweater clip...then I had to look at sweater clips.
Here is that adorable nautical sweater clip. I really wish I had the money to buy it! It would be perfect on my Jumblelaya dress.
Sequins and scotty dogs! Can't you just see these on a pastel pink sweater?! Love it!
Pretty pearls and bouquets. Loos like it would be lovely for a spring outing or easter.
OOh fancy aurora borealis rhinestone sweater clip
Going steady set of adorable sweater clips. I totally love it!
She sells sea shells by the neckline. Colorful sea shells with pearl like beads chain.
Mink Poodles!!! Have you ever seen anything so adorable. This store has 2 sets, one for 10 and one for 20 so seek out the good deal before you buy.
Pretty lady colored rhinestone clip, maybe for your mink or shawl or just dress up every day!
I love these pearl grapes. This is a set I would buy for myself.
Simple set, hey not every day has to be dressed up.
Love this purple set, I wish I had a purple sweater to go with it.
Look at the size of these moonglo stones. Love the asymmetric set of chains and pearls.
More moonglow this time in green with little leaves. Perfect for spring and summer sweaters. I'm thinking PINK!
Beautiful beads and flowers. I love sets with layers and textures.
Little birdies! I bet these little doo-dads hanging off are bells. Oh so cute!
Colored rhinestones go with every outfit!
Gorgeous Autumn clip! Getting ready for the season ahead.
I love these hands holding the sweater on either side. I think my grandma had one like this. Too cute. I love the idea of it.



I reserved this dress from fabgabs expecting a ton of sales from my new inventory...so far I've sold a whopping 1 item. A pair of 70s platforms.
I bought almost exclusively 50s and early 60s items to try to increase sales and it looks like people only want 70s..wha-te-fuh? I've been looking at other sellers prices and they all seem to be twice what mine are so I'm kind of confused as to why my things aren't' selling? Is everyone as super broke as I am right now?
It doesn't help that I'm also trying to pay off this dress from deargoldenvintage which is WAY overpriced...but they knew I couldn't live without it...jerks.
Looks like I'm going to have to list that dress after all...simply for the fact that I need the money because I need these other dresses (too) blarg...right now sucks.
So if you wouldn't mind, take a look in my shop. I reserve and accept payments if you're super poor like me ;)
Tomorrow is my last day on my reserve for fabgabs and I still have 2 payments on my deargolden dress. Prices in my shop are negotiable right now!
Here are some of the items in my shop right now
Tulip cocktail dress $62
Sailorette swim suit $149
Orange pumps $28
Red 50s leather pumps $48
40s nylon maxi with the most adorable puff sleeves $62
40s rayon with amazing neckline! $58
Chiffon overlay dress $64
Anchor pocket romper! $54
Butterfly print blouse $28


My (maybe) new dress and dreaded swimsuit pics

I found an amazing dress on my vacation for a steal, just $15 at a vintage store because it had a split seam at the waist. I bought it with the intention of selling it...but then I made the mistake of trying it on...I was a good girl and wore my longline bra so no more squishy tummy area
And I kind of fell in love with it. I'm really going back and forth about keeping and selling. It has a "tiki house in the jungle" print, my favorite feature (that i really wish they would bring back) the high neck with the low back. SO HOT!!

I've had nothing but "keep its" on my facebook profile...but I'm having major sellers guilt. I don't want to keep it because I know someone else will love it just as much (or more) than myself.

Uhg...and now the post I've been dreading...the swimsuit post. Oh gawd...let me say first off that I'm going on a diet (especially after seeing these pics) I want this to kick start my dieting posts. I'm currently at the heaviest I've ever been Over the past 5 years I've gained 50 lbs (and lost some and gained it back) and I'm just ready to start losing and get back to a weight/size that I'm more comfortable with. I'm going to start with the past 5 years in swimsuits from my store (that fit)
60s drop waist scallop skirt bathing suit in kelly green. I actually had 2 of these, I bought one for myself. Rose Marie Reed
Cole of california 50s swim suit with open back, hard bullet cups and buttons at the neck.
I lost weight for my wedding this ye
70s striped skirted suit in lavender, purple and magenta.
Jantzen teal bikini with bullet bra and high waisted bottoms. This set went to a museum in NY.

My personal set leopard print bathing suit with lace up front, bullet cups and shaping wonderfulness. ( I collect cole of california suits)
very rare navy cole of california suit with tie up bust. This suit is so nautical! Also from my personal collection.
Me, this year. I don't usually do full body shots because of my hideous knees...also why I don't wear shorts or dresses/skirts that go above my knees.
I'm really enjoying my large cans from my weight gain.
My leopard print suit with my second favorite pair of pin up heels.