Face Time

No not that stupid thing from the new iPhone 4. I'm talking about face time in front of MY camera for my store. I didn't find really any dresses that fit me while I was in Seattle, people are much smaller over there but I did find this dress and one for myself as well that I am actually going to start the repair for when I finish this post...since I'm just now remembering at the same store. I didn't feel like wearing eye makeup today so I put on my vintage frames instead and tested out a new pink lipstick I got. I don't usually wear pink. I'm always wearing my signature rich red lipstick but hey, pink dress, pink lips. It just works.
Me, being a goof...LOL I really love the neckline of this dress!
YAY I found my shoes!
I always set my camera timer..and then forget I'm not wearing my shoes yet....so here is me finding the shoes right as the camera goes off..
Apparently I think I'm too cool for school.
I loved this shot (even though i've got some major rollage going on in the waist area...thats what I get for not wearing my longline bra!)
really kicking myself for not being good on my diet!
I really like the pink lipstick, its like raspberry so its got a nice red base to it.

here are my shoesies, they're the same ones I wore at my wedding. They're my very favorite shoes ever!
I've got oh-so-irritating wide feet so its practically impossible for me to find vintage shoes (especially heels) so I buy reproductions.

Glasses: Time Bomb (local shop)
Dress: My shop
Shoes: Ebay


art*deco*dame said...

you're adorable!

Carys said...

You look so beautiful, I love that dress, and your sunglasses are so cool!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Miss Lottie Lou said...

So beautiful!
The dress is lovely and good pick with the lipstick :)
Lottie x

Kitsch Kitten said...

I love the leopard print and nautical swimsuits <3 just come across your blog and loving the pink dress / glasses combo :) xo

MisfitToys said...

you're just too cute for words!