Vintage Reproductions

I know this is kind of a sore spot for many of my readers but today we're going to talk about vintage repro clothing, the best sites, best prices and some plus and minus points for each one.

There are probably 100s of reproduction clothing companies out there..especially with the "vintage craze" that is hitting right now. I can't in good conscience say you should only wear vintage...sometimes you just can't find the dress you want in your size without waiting a few years. However, reproduction dresses/pants/tops are sometimes made with thin, inexpensive material and they don't last very long and they tend to cost more than vintage items. But you do get the advantages of spandex and standardized measurements instead of custom or handmade vintage pieces. I have quite a few reproduction dresses because I don't like to rob the vintage world of an amazing dress that is just going to sit in my closet because I'm too afraid of getting it dirty. I only have 3 vintage dresses:
#1: I just bought, the Jumblelaya dress
#2 from fabgabs that has 3/4 sleeves so I will have to wait for cooler weather to wear
and #3 is an 80s shirtwaist dress that is too long but its one I wear all the time..it so comfortable (hey look the scarf from the giveaway)
and I have several reproduction dresses. I'm not going to post them today but if you want to see them I can do a post about them in the future.

I'd like to help you find some reproduction dresses, pants, tops that you're not afraid to wear (if you save vintage for special occasions like me) So here are my favorite sites, what they have and some of my favorite pieces from the sites.

Vintage Dress Outlet
Plus: Prices! Lots of Search Options
Minus: Small Selection, Only carry Dresses
I'm actually thinking of purchasing this dress
Its only 44.95 which is about 40 less than I've seen at other sites!
Excellent bargain for this peek a boo skirt dress, its just 29.99
Adorable "hot for teacher" look for just 29.99
This dress is in the clearance section for 29.99...i would totally pay that!

Stop Staring Clothing Co.
Plus: Lots of selection, lots of sizes, lots of styles, made of good quality materials
Minus: Price
Spring dress with darling bow, on clearance for $120
Sailor romper! On sale for $105
"blondie" dress with leopard trim, $178

Plus: Tons of Variety, tops, bottoms, shoes, bathing suits ect.
Minus: For more "trendy" vintage style
Adorable brocade dress, simple "vintage" lines $217.99 (one of the most expensive pieces on the site)
Really sweet cut out dress with button detail $69.99
Super cute full skirt with pattern. $64.99
Bright yellow cardi with red leaves 67.99

HeartBreaker Fashion
Plus:Well Priced, Cute Dresses
Minus: Expensive separates
Sweetheart bust cherry print dress $84
Top only $42, I think the pants are from Bernie Dexter Clothing
Adorable sailor polka dot dress $84

Bettie Page Clothing
Plus:Lots of options and sizes, animal friendly (no fur or leather)
Minus: Expensive, site annoying to navigate
V back dress in polka dot with button detail $160
"Lucy" top $60 shown with pencil skirt (WANT!) $90
Simple teal wiggle dress with cute details $70

Vivien Of Holloway
Plus: Lots of sizes, patterns, variety in patterns
Minus: Not a lot of different styles, I can't afford 1 of everything
Gorgeous halter sarong dress with bolero £89.00
I love these suspender trousers, £49.00 Vivien has a fantastic selection of pants and skirts. Not a lot of styles, but you really only need the classics.
The "signature" halter circle dress, this is what VOH is known for. This dress comes with the matching bolero for just £89.00
40s sarong style dress, tons of prints for this one and such a good deal at only £35.00 for any of them!

Pin-Up Girl Clothing
Plus: Lots of styles, great shoes, tons of selection
Minus: Almost always sold out, some of the stuff is "trashy"
Darling striped sailor blouse $38
Satin pumps with chiffon frills on the back $126
Adorable sailor swim set top $56 bottoms $56
Love the direction this dress is going, great for the office $108

Other sites of mention
Red Dress Shoppe

Daddy-O's (this site carries a lot of the same inventory as the others but it has men's as well)


Brittany_Va-Voom Vintage said...

This is an excellent post and thank you for the links and tips! I know a lot of people hate repro stuff but you are right, sometimes it's the best option, especially for us curvy gals and ladies who don't sew. Another thing about Bettie Page clothing is that they use that yucky stretch bengaline fabric. It's good because it stretches to fit your body but it stretches a LOT...like a balloon! It doesn't breathe well either. :(
I'll have to check out some of those other shops that you mentioned. And yes, please do post pics of your repros! xoxo

BomshellShocked said...

Great post!

You left out my two very favorite reproducers Nudee Dudee on etsy and Whirling Turban. Both make wonderful quality items that are drop dead gorgeous!

Bombshell Bettie said...

I was going to cover hand made in my next post ;) I was just trying to get the big sites this time.

Anonymous said...

Now see - if i would have been up on my blog reading, I would have DEFINITELY recognized it to be you today in that super-extra-adorable dress! Drat.

Rebeccak said...

Oh wow that first dress is AMAZING. Totally gorgeous - you look incredible.

Thanks for a great round-up. The only thing I would add is that I have found some of the repro stores change the proportions. I have '50s proportions and I can almost always be sure that a '50s vintage frock will fit like a glove if the waist measurement fits. Unfortunately I have run into problems with repro stuff, where the bust-waist ratio is different from the originals.