Saturday Thrift

FINALLY I was able to go thrifting yesterday. I unfortunetly didn't find much clothing, but I do have some fun accessories coming..
 Love this oversized woven clutch
 tooled leather handbag
 40s metal clutch with beautiful details
 chevron bust strapless swimsuit

Also finally getting around to getting my apron collection in the shop
 "Cocktails for Two"
 "Blue Christmas"
 "Seasons Greetings"
 "Sweet Parakeet"
 "Pretty Pleated"
 Reversible gold lace and chiffon apron
 one of my very favorites
 Lace trimmed sheer nylon apron with cross stitching and embroidery
 Love this sheer apron with gold trimmings
 NOS mini baby dress with matching bonnet. THIS IS SO CUTE!
70s scalloped trim embroidered apron dress. Get it in time for the summer heat.

Thats it for this week. :) everything will be in the shop today.

Dont forget the 20% off sale too.


Iron Orchid Giveaway Winner

I may be a bit late but I hope that just has you all even more excited for the winner of the Giveaway.

And the winner is..
Killing Birds is Not Art

I'm going to email you right now.

Thanks to everyone who entered! 

If you're wondering why there have not been any thursday thrift posts in 3 weeks its because I haven't been thrifting in 3 weeks! EEEEK. I know, I'm going through withdrawals. I got a lot of back stock up in the shop though and I was going to go yesterday but our car has mysteriously died and we cannot figure out why so I'm stuck at home until its fixed. In the mean time please check out the 20% off Sale going on in my shop to raise money for the parts needed for the car.
Thanks everyone!


Iron Orchid Giveaway (July)

Oh boy, whos ready to win some gorgeous vintage goodies? I bet you are! Well this month we've got 2 gorgeous items to win from amazing sponsor Iron Orchid Vintage.
A great pair of repro rhinestone cat eye sunglasses
 and this beautiful 40s style metal sequin purse.
 these glasses are adorable, and perfect for summer fun!
 This bag is just begging for a night out!!

 Ok, now you know what you can win..
now find out how to win it....

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How to Enter
Visit Iron Orchid Vintage then Comment with your favorite item from her shop.

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Giveaway Closes Wednesday (7/27) at Midnight so get your entries in before then!



Head on over to A Wild Tonic to enter the mega-mid-summer giveaway with 8 prizes to win..including one of my "I heart kitties" pin from my new handmade shop.


Pussycat Makes Bagels

Ever been curious about making your own bagels? I know I am. And the Pussycat Vintage Blog is full of great recipes, fun finds from etsy and gorgeous goodies from their shop. Check out their Bagel "How-To" and treat your family to some homemade goodness!
 and take a shopping trip in their newly stocked shop



Hubs and I are trying to make some big purchases in the near future...new windows, car insurance..you know the drill. 
So I'm having a 40% off sale to quickly make the funds. 
Noon today through midnight friday. 
Everything already discounted 40%!!!!


Iron Orchid is Golden Delicious

Our gorgeous sponsor has always got some beautiful items in her shop and this month those golds are really jumping out at me.
 like this yellow-gold lace sheath dress
 plaid mini skirt with metallic silver base
 beautiful creamy white handbag with gold fixtures
 gorgeous geometric trench with watercolor soft patern
 Gorgeous plaid striped skirt in gray, gold and beige.
 Beautiful button sheath dress in the most amazing "hot mustard" color. YUM
Stunning metallic quilted cocktail dress. Asymmetric collar and bold buttons down the front. Perfect for a fall wedding!

Check out the Iron Orchid shop for lots more colorful, beautiful pieces.


Weekend Sale

Due to extraneous circumstances that are totally dumb for me but apparently pretty good for you, I'm having a 35% off Sale Today, Friday through Midnight Sunday.
Everything is 35% off, even sale items. Nothing is excluded! I'll be adding items all weekend and they'll be on sale too. So shop till you drop dearies :)


Thursday Thrift

More jewelry this week, only a few clothing pieces and some very cool decor :)

here we go:
net top romper with palm tree applique
 adorable sailor collar floral sheath
 very cool "loungewear", low tie back
with a cape that ties in the front
 very unique pants suit
 cute little needlepoint clutch
 I've been deliberating on whether or not to close out the children's clothes section of the shop because of lack of sales. But I think my lack of sales is probably partially from lack of new inventory so I'm going to put forth an effort to get in some of the 40+ pieces I have that have yet to be listed (after a few private sales)
 80s backless baby dress SO FLIPPIN CUTE
 double opal ring
 perfectly pink cluster stud earrings
 very cool glass cameo earrings with "rope" trim
 beautiful Egyptian revival costume ring (with quite a few missing stones) will be cheap
 LOVE THESE set of islander busts, the bold makeup is so fun! I really hate when people paint over the originals to make them all white or black..I've seen it a few times on etsy...but to each their own.
 pink portable hairdryer, cute decor piece for kitchy home, salon or vintage shoppe.
we also bought a 30s typewriter in pretty rough shape, my hubs is going to fix it up and it'll eventually make its way to the shop.

Well that's it this week. Since there isn't much new inventory I'll be working probably all weekend on getting kids clothes in the shop. Maybe I should make another shop just for kids clothes...hmm. food for thought. Opinions?

Tootie Fruity Kitchen

I've been trying to figure out what to do with my kitchen forever. I've always wanted something vintage, but not with an "atomic" mid-century theme. As you may know, I'm obsessed with vintage wall hangings. I have 1 (or 3) in every room of the house, even the bathroom. I've got some darn cute seahorses in there! And since my house was built in 1950 its got more of the 40s style, with the rounded cupboards and cut out doorways. So I wanted to keep with that style and not go too over the top with decor but still enough to keep  it cute and cohesive...and since we still (after 4 years) have not painted any of the walls in our house I want to add color too.
A while back I found a set of 2 resin wall hangings, one cherry and one strawberry. The cherry went into the kitchen and the strawberry went into the shop. And it sat...which was kind of shock to me because I thought it was adorable! Well last week, as luck would have it; I found 5 more, in the same style as the two I had. I was thrilled! I snagged them all up and took the strawberries out of the shop, now quite thankful they didn't sell. I've also been amassing a collection of vintage aprons, although I'm not sure why. I've got lots for the holidays and a bunch I thought I would have listed by now. I need to quit being such a slacker with this stuff! So I added 2 sheer, embroidered aprons to my kitchen window as curtains and ta-da! An adorable, cohesive, vintage look. Hooray!
 Here is a shot from the edge of the stove, toward the sink.
 Above the sink
Shot of the "curtains" both embroidered, sheer aprons.

 across the counter & above the stove
 Oh, did I share my vintage stand mixer? I can't remember. I think I did, but if I didn't..
 I don't know about where you are, but its about mid 80s here...and it is exhausting for the poor baby kitty...and me too. I do not like this heat! 

So thats the new look for my kitchen, what do you think?