Thursday Thrift

More jewelry this week, only a few clothing pieces and some very cool decor :)

here we go:
net top romper with palm tree applique
 adorable sailor collar floral sheath
 very cool "loungewear", low tie back
with a cape that ties in the front
 very unique pants suit
 cute little needlepoint clutch
 I've been deliberating on whether or not to close out the children's clothes section of the shop because of lack of sales. But I think my lack of sales is probably partially from lack of new inventory so I'm going to put forth an effort to get in some of the 40+ pieces I have that have yet to be listed (after a few private sales)
 80s backless baby dress SO FLIPPIN CUTE
 double opal ring
 perfectly pink cluster stud earrings
 very cool glass cameo earrings with "rope" trim
 beautiful Egyptian revival costume ring (with quite a few missing stones) will be cheap
 LOVE THESE set of islander busts, the bold makeup is so fun! I really hate when people paint over the originals to make them all white or black..I've seen it a few times on etsy...but to each their own.
 pink portable hairdryer, cute decor piece for kitchy home, salon or vintage shoppe.
we also bought a 30s typewriter in pretty rough shape, my hubs is going to fix it up and it'll eventually make its way to the shop.

Well that's it this week. Since there isn't much new inventory I'll be working probably all weekend on getting kids clothes in the shop. Maybe I should make another shop just for kids clothes...hmm. food for thought. Opinions?

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