Whats in My Jewelry Box(es)

I've always been one to wear jewelry...but always to the extreme. For a while I wore a ring (or 2) on every finger, then I wore probably 100 jelly bracelets on each wrist for 3 years. I wore a bunch of necklaces for a while. I've never been the subtle type, but then I just stopped wearing jewelry all together. It just seemed like a hassle. But I've always wanted a set of pearls and when my hubs started working for a bead wholesale supply company he made me several necklaces. Then I started to collecting vintage plastic bangles. I'm always up for fun colorful jewelry that I can't break. I've never been someone for fine jewelry, diamonds and such. Give me something big and gaudy! Thats how I like it! So here is a peek at what I've got in my collection.
Here is my (personal) jewelry box, i love the blue!
My teeny brooches
my 40's brooches (minus the boat)
More brooches, mostly nautical & you can see some of my handmade ones in the back.
here are more & my one ring..haha
My vintage frame collection
My hub's handmade necklaces
the pink one and "pearl" one are my favorites
some chip necklaces & vintage beaded necklaces
my chain necklaces

my amazing charm necklace from art deco dame
my hearts and owls and a little peep at my vintage life preserver necklace
my pearl and chain necklaces.

I love over the top large jewelry. I like to wear all my nautical brooches at once, I'm trying to bring brooches back with my handmade shop. I've got some ideas for some really cute wood brooches in the works. :D have a good day.


BumbleBri said...

i love all your jewelry!!! i love seeing what accessories others come up with :)

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) said...

Brooches are definitely 'in' here in Chicago, especially in the winter. I wear a brooch on every sweater, jacket & coat that I wear!

I'm a vintage jewelry fiend and had to start collecting jewelry boxes to house my collection. I too shy away from 'precious' jewelry and instead wear lots of huge cocktail rings, bangles and lockets.

Miss Emmi said...

I love all your jewelery! I find I buy a lot but always forget to wear it! Maybe I need to display mine more obviously.

RockabillyJunction said...

You have a great costume jewelry collection and I especially dig the pins :-) is that a Melle jewelry box? Super cute!

Bombshell Bettie said...

I don't think its a Mele box, but i do have several of those.