You have to see these!

Ok I don't usually do this but I came across this seller from the Etsy front page and I'm pretty sure I hearted the entire store.Its the simplest little design of a dress on a hanger..but it is SO FLIPPING CUTE I can hardly stand it! I kept calling my husband in to look at them. He was pretty annoyed but I made sure to show him the one I wanted hehehe. The seller makes necklaces, earrings, belt buckles and ornaments. They're made from vintage tins. I think its called up-cycling. I don't care what they call it...but I love it!
This is the one I want...Doesn't it look like a sailor dress?! SQUEWEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Leaf MOD dresses.
new years?
Lotus dress
they're so cute!!!
great vintage patterns
Plaid skirt dress - school girl!
I love these little gingham dresses


Bathing Suit Sadness

I'm very careful about buying bathing suits. I always check and double check measurements, but that doesn't help if the measurements that are up aren't correct. I bought this amazing late 40's cotton skirted plaid bathing suit from etsy a week or so ago and it arrived today...and it said the measurements would fit me (stretched, which is fine) buuuuut its a Small at the largest. But I did get some good news, its a Cole of California!
Purple and olive plaid~
Smocked back
Adorable details on the bust..it looks like a bow!

Bottom (smocked in back)


Big Ol' Hats

Above are some pictures of me as a little kiddo in my easter garb...excuse the 80s fashions.

I'm a big fan of hats, I don't wear them because they're not practical for me...mostly because I dont go anywhere but work, home and treasure hunting. So I'm really just making it easier for YOU to buy a beautiful hat because you're not competing with me...hehe. Easter is coming up..and when I think of Easter, I think of dresses and bonnets. When I was a kid I always had an easter dress and big hat of some sort. I still wear a dress on easter...cuz I can. And this year I do have a big brim straw hat so maybe I'll sport it on sunday. :)

Here is a pretty navy straw hat with lots of silk flowers SnootySeconds
Don't like the over the top look, how about a simple elegant straw hat. (I love the head!) TeaAtHomeWithOlivia
Here is a bright pink straw hat with pretty fabric roses. I love the up-turned brim on this one. bOmode
Super wide brim straw hat. BadGirlVintage
I love these tilted hats. Pretty white one with daisies and large red flowers. Hollywood Vintage
Gorgeous veiled 30s side hat..LOVE! Another from Hollywood Vintage
Gorgeous thick straw dripping with silk flowers and velvet trim. FabGabs

Thursday Treasure Hunt - slim pickin'

Pretty small treasure hunt today but I've still got a TON of inventory left from Seattle so I'll have no shortage of listings :)
navy 50s sundress with pretty white embroidery on bottom

pretty pink sundress with lace overlay and buttons up the back.

Here is the beautiful 50s wedding dress. Love the sleeves
train in back, little bows on skirt, sequins and lace..very stiff and new feeling.

Quick post about ME

I try to avoid too many posts about myself since this is supposed to be a vintage fashion blog..but you'll have to sit through a short one today. I got my hair cut on friday. Everyone...quite literally thinks its "so cute". I'm used to it now and I really like the sassy quality that short hair has. I feel like I lost a bit of my "sexy" when I cut my long hair...but cute will do I guess. :)
Here is the most recent pic of me before I cut it - in our hotel in seattle. (this is the only pic of me from the trip..LOL)
Here is a photo from an ebay/etsy shoot (yellow hat is up right now)
Here is my hair now...well the next day..I'm able to make it look better than this now..but thats pretty much the style.. Ok have a good rest of the day. I'll try to do another post again tonight, about fashion this time if my internet doesn't crap-out like it did last night.
Oh and I'm having a dress sale in my Etsy store. All dresses INCLUDING the wedding dresses are 25% off!


40s, Take My Breath Away

I've never really thought about 40s fashion until I got netflix. I've been so obsessed with the 50s full skirts and cocktail dresses that I overlooked some of the most stunning gowns and day dresses I've ever seen. Watching Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire in The Gay Divorcee and Shall We Dance I fell in love with her gowns and night gowns.
Since then I've watched as many 40s movies as I can get my hands on. Mesmerized by the shape of the bodies and the glamor..I had no idea the late 30s and early 40s were so glamorous! But I really love the every day dresses. So tailored and elegant. Suits were so sophisticated (thank you Lauren Bacall!) Everything just seemed to be so..so..sexy. And I know when I thought of 40s dresses I didn't think sexy...I thought dowdy..or frumpy. Shame shame shame on me! Proving me wrong time and time again here are just a few of the AMAZING dresses I've found on etsy.

I love the purple color of this one and the bow around the neck. So amazing. DearGoldenVintage
I can't get enough of the frilly details on the sleeves and pockets of this navy dress. QsDaydream
Stunning black silk dress you can tell this dress is expertly tailored and I love the tone on tone neckline. WOW - OH - WOW BlackSwanVintage
Here is some of that spectacular 40s glamour. Sequin shoulder crepe gown in the prettiest pink. SillyRabbitVintage
Powder pink beautiful pocket day dress with embroidered leaves on pockets and neckline. I would love to have a dress like this. Its so gosh darn classy! TheGreedySeagull
Marbled silk day dress with red details. You can just tell this dress is going to be flattering. Another from DearGoldenVintage
I think this is a late 40s dress the blue is killer! The dolly collar and those signature hip pockets. There are even some rhinestones around the neck. TheGreedySeagull
I think this one is my favorite. Its got a very unique style of buttons, I love the ascot neckline. MelsVanity
A beautiful crepe dress with crisp white collar. Great for every day sassy sophistication. ArtDecoDame
This one is already taken but I thought I should share it anyway. Beautiful white piping. Rhinestone bow. Classic 40s shape. Penguim
Late 40s again super bold purple with colorful sequins. Perfect for parties when paired with an open swing coat (or the black and gold felted coat in my store) PlanetClaireVintage
A day gown, we don't have them anymore - but looking through my vogue the other day it looks as if we're going longer for day time and that's just fine with me. I'm a big fan of covering as much as possible. The bust is this amazing lace or eyelet material its really stunning. DearGoldenVintage
There were so many more dresses I would have liked to share with you. Take a look around. The 40s had some killer fashion sense. I'm excited in the hopes that we might be getting a little taste of that again.

Feeling Blue..

Seems like the sun has gone away and the clouds are here to stay. Thats spring for you. I don't know about you but I could go for some blue sky, warm sun and maybe some sandy beaches? Vacation is the inspiration for this mini featurette.
Beautiful classic halter dress is perfect tropical sky blue. ThePitAndThePendulum
Love this Shaheen pineapple print dress. Ocean blue with tie shoulders. Comes with the pineapple necklace too. (thinking this should be inspiration for another post) labellevintage
A sarong dress with matching bolero (can you say ALOHA!) Smocked back, pretty reef blue, and if you don't like the blue you can get it in red too. CatseyeVintage
Very hard to find hostess set, shirt-dress with matching capri's. I'd love to have a set like this! Snatch it up if its your size! (and then send me some better pics!) GlamourpussParadise
I love this puff sleeve blouse! I love the color, I love the flowers, I LOVE the sleeves. Why are all the cutest things so gosh darn tiny. *humph* ViralThreads
Cant find actual vintage? How about reproduction. Then its sure to fit! I love this wrap style. Its made with vintage fabric from vintage patterns so you don't get much closer than this to vintage. Check out this seller's store. Lots of other adorable custom made things to choose from. nudeedudee