50s Mules Plz!

Ok this is kind of a dual featurette. I didn't really have enough to do 1 of each and they're both (kind of) related so I'm just going to combine them. 50s leather slingbacks and carved wood rockabilly style shoes. :)
gorgeous beaded hand painted hand carved 40s mules. CheeseCakeVintage
Beautiful beaded hand painted hand carved too. The detail is amazing on this pair....I love the colors in this one. StudioSteffi
These ones are very primative, i think its part of the charm i think they're adorable. TheBagBasement
Extra thick sole, not carved out like you usually see, stitched burlap wedges. CricketCapers
Amazing bead work on this pair!!. I love the little huts...hehe another from StudioSteffi
WOW a pair for evening on the beach! Sleek, sexy lines. Pearls! DirtyBeatniks
OK these are mine so don't buy them...LOL Love the little studs on top. Metal heel...oh man. I hope my husband approves this purchase. VogueVintage
Here is a pair for you! Colorful stud details on these too! (they also have a repro pair in black) RhumbaRoomVintage
Here is a lower pair without the metal. Great for every day wear running around while still looking sassy! HulaKittyVintage

These two below are pairs I sold.
Woven with excellent carving goes all the way through.
These are my favorites, floral details around the studs and bows on top. I've never seen another pair with floral carvings.

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Darla said...

I need all of these.