Bettie's Extremely Long WISH list

I'm known for wanting things - I call it fashion-lust. I want it sooo bad for about 20 minutes and then i usually forget it ever existed. If I can't stop thinking about it, then I need to buy it. I will usually wait 24 hours to see if I really want an expensive piece...well most of these things have been on my wish list for weeks..and I still want them..but do not have the funds to go buying crazy, this time I think its fashion-love...this time...its for keeps ;) Click on the picture for the item link.
Kelly green - extra long linen skirt
Poodle print peignoir set
AMAZING leopard print night gown. I love the one I'm selling in the lightest lime green..but this one..wowie. I want!
Perfect every-day sailor dress. I probably would wear this every day! I love it!
GAWD If there was ever a case of Fashion-Proposal this would be the playsuit (you thought it was a dress didn't you?) I would marry. Leopard print halter in stretchy cotton...uh, does it get any better....no, the answer is no.
Sailor stripe 50s cotton shirt. Love the soft fading of colors..oh sigh..how i want these lovelies.
Not vintage, but I like it anyway...REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE
OMGEEEEEEEEEEEE Sailor Cigarette pants...drool!
Rushed 50s bathing suit...I usually collect cole of california suits (size 16 if you run across any) but I'd make an exception for this one ;)
You all know I've been obsessed with vintage eye wear lately...these gorgeous gold frames melt my heart...but their price tag would empty my wallet...
Apples! Novelty print dress in MY SIZE...well all of it is my size...but it is hard to find novelty prints.
I'm not sure why, but I keep coming back to these polka dot gloves! They're so fun!
Pretty red petticoat! What girl doesn't need one of these?
This dress...oh man, its hard for me not to take out a loan...I'm so in love with this dress...the color, the style, the detail..its got it all..and I want it all...i want it all...i want it all..and I want it now.
Hand made wooden cherries brooch. I can't afford the bakelite cherries...but I can almost afford the wood ones.
Cherry angora pin up sweater...LOVE
They had this with a gold anchor and you know I'm a sucker for anything nautical..but the price tag is a bit too high for a headband..that doesn't mean I don't want it thought...hehehe.\
Novelty print...cherries...ok Fashion-gasm...excuse the language...but this dress is HOT! I want it for summer!...hell i'd wear it in the winter!..If someone loved me, they would buy it for me...LOL

Well kiddos there you have it...I want a variety of things and I can't afford a one of 'em. Hopefully someone I know will bring home one of these beauties so I can at least touch them..hahaha...ok its getting creepy now...I'm gunna go.


olygirl said...

That skirt is my favorite shade of green. Really I am a sucker for anything green. I really enjoyed your green post yesterday. Made me start thinking I need a few more shamrock worthy items in my closet! Thanks for the inspiration. :)

Bombshell Bettie said...

Me too - its not a color I wear often...I don't even think I have anything green right now. That is sad times. I wear mostly red, pink and neon-teal..it sounds ugly..and it probably is...but I still like it.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree about the petticoat! Pretty sure I want one! :) Who doenst want to have a tutu!

Bombshell Bettie said...

Tutu's are pretty cheap on etsy


this one reminds me of you...hehe

Ms. B @ Millie Deel said...

Ooh so many lovely things!! That poodle print set is too cute!! I saw some very retro pink poodle print wrapping paper over the holidays at Marshalls and I didn't get it because I didn't want to get any strange looks from any of my gift recipients. Now I'm regretting that I didn't get any :(

Darla said...

So many lovely finds. I adore the green linen pencil skirt you posted first. As well as the blacked ruched 50s bathing suit, so adorable!