Quick post about ME

I try to avoid too many posts about myself since this is supposed to be a vintage fashion blog..but you'll have to sit through a short one today. I got my hair cut on friday. Everyone...quite literally thinks its "so cute". I'm used to it now and I really like the sassy quality that short hair has. I feel like I lost a bit of my "sexy" when I cut my long hair...but cute will do I guess. :)
Here is the most recent pic of me before I cut it - in our hotel in seattle. (this is the only pic of me from the trip..LOL)
Here is a photo from an ebay/etsy shoot (yellow hat is up right now)
Here is my hair now...well the next day..I'm able to make it look better than this now..but thats pretty much the style.. Ok have a good rest of the day. I'll try to do another post again tonight, about fashion this time if my internet doesn't crap-out like it did last night.
Oh and I'm having a dress sale in my Etsy store. All dresses INCLUDING the wedding dresses are 25% off!

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