Lincoln is Jealous

Here is my first special request...sorry hun if this isn't what you were looking for but this is the best I could do right now. I tried to do them cheapest to most expensive (just for funsies) Click on pics for links.
70s copper damask look dress. Super simple, great for every day wearin' $27

This is the first dress that came to mind its a beautiful late 40s dress. $48
Not all over copper but enough to count I think. $150 (oops out of order)
Chevron metallic dress. Ends in 6 hrs - no bids at $89, BIN $130
Love, love love love love love love this dress! $64 (not bad!)
Rayon classic 50s dress $160 BIN - store inventory
This is what (i think) you're looking for. This dress is stunning. 3 days, 5 bids @ $76
Beautiful full skirt copper tones dress BIN $125 or make an offer.


art*deco*dame said...

those are some pretty pennies!Love the black with copper on it =)

Ms. B @ Millie Deel said...

Ooh some wonderful finds!!! That second one is gorgeous and a great price as well!!

Darla said...

I am in love with the second to last feel free to share anything you ever find that looks like it! Its gorgeous!


Bombshell Bettie said...

Darla - here is another one similar to the second to last one.
thought i would add it for you really quick.

olygirl said...

Seriously I would tae one of each. I am now officially in a bidding war for that bomshell second from the bottom. I think I need it in my life.

You are the greatest! I asked the vintage fairy to be extra kind to you on your next treasure hunt! :)

Bombshell Bettie said...

Oh I really hope you get that one - its stunning! I saw it and I was like "PERFECT!"

I actually had a very successful treasure hunt today. a 50s cocktail dress and sun dress :) YAY