Pretty as a Peacock

I have a fondness for peacocks, I remember them being in many parks I visited when I was younger. My grandma, who passed away just loved peacocks, this is kind of a tribute to her. These are some of the MANY beautiful peacock print items you can find on Etsy.
Stunning jeweled peacock tote - how great would this be for shopping? From sustalux
Amazing blue peacock fully feathered hat - absolutely stunning piece! From a great store somelikeitvintage
I love this dress, a wrap dress is great for every shape. This one is ideal, you can wear it for day or evening! Love the peacock print! From putonthatdress
Something for the fellas. Strutting peacock screen print v neck shirt. Does this not scream indie to you? Under a blazer - oh man! Great find from RobsVintique
WOW art deco over-sized hair pin. Rhinestones...just..wow. This is a real treasure. From ElrondsEmporium
Glamorous peacock print wiggle dress, what a stunner! From TheVintageVortex
There are soooo many peacock brooches, this is just one of them. I like how sad he looks...like the girl he was trying to impress passed him by..this little bird has personality. From KarunaDesigns
I adore the colors of this unique wrap-blouse. Loving it with the tweed shorts - thinking its great for the office, it buttons up the back!. Congrats to BillieGoatVintage for the find!
Most of the peacock earrings I saw were the feather ones, I think I like these ones even more because they're something different. Very Art Deco. Find more jewelry in TheCopperCat shop
We're 85% done and we're just getting to the classic peacock piece, the eye feathers. I love how they take center stage on this beautifully detailed velvet hat from RogueRetro
No peacock print to be found on this dress...but its in that classic peacock color. The iridescent quality of the material is so lovely. Wishing it were mine, who wouldn't. RevivalVintage
Hand painted Mexican circle skirt. You can't beat these, I love them! Love the sequin details on this one. You know it would shimmer as you shake. Great find FactoryGirl82
This dress is stunning! Comes with jacket at a very good price. If it would fit me I would've bought it already. Another beauty from funkydarlinvintage
Here is the piece that inspired the collection...amazing peacock nylon gloves with buttons. I'm tempted to buy these...very tempted. Lets see who gets them first from TheThatchedCottage


Betty2Tone said...

It's so funny you posted this, because I just went vintage shopping last week and there were two really cute peacock pins that I was lusting over but couldn't afford! Peacocks really have the world's best color combinations


Ms. B @ Millie Deel said...

I love peacocks as well!! Great items you've posted! I've been looking for the perfect peacock blue sweater for awhile now, haven't some across one yet for a price I like though.

Bombshell Bettie said...

what is your price range and your size miss B? Also are you looking for a sweater or a cardigan?

olygirl said...

I saw a great peacock necklace on Modcloth and instantly thought of your post. FUnny the things I remember. How come I can never remember where my keys are? Maybe if I owner a lovely 30's model I wouldn't lose them so often. LOL