Big Changes!

If you haven't noticed its been very quiet around here. Well we've been making HUGE changes. If you didn't notice the new name on the banner, we've changed to reflect the new direction of the shop. Bombshell Bettie's is now Bombshells and Babes Vintage. I just feel like its time to grow up a little bit. Corbin is really the inspiration to get things going and my husband, he asked me if I was "over it" or if I wanted to make a career out of it and I really thought hard. Do I want to try to sell vintage for the next part of my life? Or do I want to get one of those "career" things where I sit in an office all day. Well been there, doing that in the office. Its really not up my alley. Its not even that I want to be my own boss. I just want to love what I do and I LOVE finding and selling vintage. I want to be an inspiration for my son, I want to be successful for him but even if I fail miserably at least I tried, right?
I'm really excited. We're getting everything together and by next year we're hoping to be a real business and then in a few years hopefully a real brick and mortar shop. Probably not in Spokane, but wherever my husband's work takes him. I mean, everyone needs an IT guy so we'll probably have a lot of options. I also purchased bombshellsandbabes.com. It currently re-directs to my etsy shop but soon we'll have a link to the blog and the shop and maybe a couple of other things. I don't think I'm going to make it into an online shop. It just seems redundant to me to sell on my site and on etsy..and eventually in a shop too seems like a lot of juggling to me.
Also I've been stocking up the shop. Last weekend I went to Oregon to visit my dad (or so he could visit with Corbin, you know how grandparents are..lol) and we went to the Highland Games, I'll post on that later. Well I did manage to stop by a couple places and pick up a good amount of inventory and while I was away it appears that my local shops were stocking up their vintage too, I've been photographing non stop since we got back..well..what Corbin will allow each day before he gets too fussy or I have to go to work. I got a lot done on Saturday and a few done yesterday but we were finishing up the fence so I didn't have too much time to get things done. I still have more woman's clothes and all the children's clothes to photograph and ties..ties ties ties ties ties. There are SO many mid century and designer ties. If i bought them all I could have my own tie shop..seriously..ties are a big deal around here.

We also gave my inventory space a makeover!
 here  it is before, in the main room. The light was burnt out and there really wasn't enough space
 more inventory and decor and jewelry in back.
i kept i in two places, coats and sweaters in here because there wasn't enough room
 this is the other side of the room.. formerly the geek cave
 ..now inventory heaven! (even a place for my crinolines!)
 room for everything and then some. Its been organized by color/season since these pics.

And where the inventory was, will now become the photography space with lights and everything. Its going to look like a proper grown-up shop!
So yes, busy busy bees over here. Soon the whole look of the shop will change and you'll get to see all that new inventory. None of these photos have the new inventory. Its still upstairs being photographed and needs to be measured. There are some really cool pieces in there. Several as-is pieces that will be just $10! Plus the COOLEST 60s/70s Sailor jumpsuit!
I just had to share it, I think its my favorite piece. I also have 2 Lilli Ann suits coming a 50s knit sweater and skirt set, several 50s dresses, 60s mini's and SO MUCH MORE. Seriously..there is a lot. Plus all the kid's clothes. Feeling slightly overwhelmed thinking about it but my hubs has also stepped up and is helping me too. Its so so so appreciated. He is really excited and is really pushing me to get things off the ground. We've even employeed his mom to do all my back repairs..which I am beyond stoked for. Some of them (and I hate to admit it) have been in the repair section for over 3 years. 
Now the ball is rolling...eeeep! Bombshells and Babes Vintage.


Little Chief: 5 Months

Holy Moly! Where did my baby go? Corbin is 5 months old now, he is wearing between 9 and 12 month clothing, he is trying to sit up on his own...but he gets so excited he just knocks himself over so we usually practice sitting up on the bed. He loves to play with his feet  now and does raspberries like daddy, drooling all over the place. He can suck his thumb whenever he wants and he actually has a sleeping schedule now!!! WHAT?! I know!
It has been CRAZY hot here, like nearly 100 and super humid so it just makes it even more miserable. I do not enjoy heat. I would like to live somewhere that it was 67 degrees all year. But then I would miss having the snow, so you gotta take the good with the crazy nearly unbearable heat. 
I spotted this outfit on etsy before Corbin was born and my dad bought it for him. I LOVE it!
 Its wool, 1950s sweater and shorts set. I was hoping it would fit for thanksgiving..but yeah..I didn't expect to have such a giant boy already.
 also..I love putting him in separates because then his little belly peeks out the bottom..SO CUTE
 His minnetonka mocs fit him pretty good too..they're still a little long but wearable...and how could I not pair them together?!

Sweater Set..uh. I dont remember. oops
Mocs: thrifted

Revolving Styles Giveaway Winner

I know, its been a while, but the proprietress of Revolving Styles has been on vacation (whoohoo!) so we're just announcing the winner today!

And the winner is...
Meg Eileen Carol of La vie en rose et moi

Congrats on winning the $25 credit. Before you purchase please contact Anna at revolvingstyles {at} gmail


Where's the Beef?

If you're wondering where my firework and patriotic outfit pics from yesterday are..well truth is, I didn't wear red  white or blue yesterday. My favorite dress the one I wear every year isn't breastfeeding friendly so I just didn't bother. I did dress Corbin up in a cute 50s red white and blue sweater though..and really, thats better than seeing pics of me anyway..haha.

He's almost 5 months old now...but I'll save that for another post.
What He Wore:
Vintage 50s Sweater, thrifted
Railroad stripe clam diggers, Macy's

Sorry, no fireworks though...The county I live in has banned fireworks..but our city does a big display downtown..i just didn't feel like dealing with all the people.
The hubs and I did go thrifting yesterday. Mostly as retail therapy because of the drama that is happening right now in our lives. Money issues, paypal issues...its just bad all around and I'm just so DONE with everything. But yesterday I did find some amazing pieces and some just plain funny pieces.
 i so wanted to buy this stroller.. but my priority is shop items ...and bills
 this boob necklace killed me!!
Found this little beauty for you yesterday, 26 waist, 36 bust!!!

plus lots more and yes, i did buy myself a brooch...i couldn't help it. But look for the dress & more on monday! 
The 4th of July SALE is still going through Friday!
 Hope you had a good holiday!


Revolving Styles Giveaway

Hey hey hey, its giveaway time again here on BBV. This time we've got a $25 credit to
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