Where's the Beef?

If you're wondering where my firework and patriotic outfit pics from yesterday are..well truth is, I didn't wear red  white or blue yesterday. My favorite dress the one I wear every year isn't breastfeeding friendly so I just didn't bother. I did dress Corbin up in a cute 50s red white and blue sweater though..and really, thats better than seeing pics of me anyway..haha.

He's almost 5 months old now...but I'll save that for another post.
What He Wore:
Vintage 50s Sweater, thrifted
Railroad stripe clam diggers, Macy's

Sorry, no fireworks though...The county I live in has banned fireworks..but our city does a big display downtown..i just didn't feel like dealing with all the people.
The hubs and I did go thrifting yesterday. Mostly as retail therapy because of the drama that is happening right now in our lives. Money issues, paypal issues...its just bad all around and I'm just so DONE with everything. But yesterday I did find some amazing pieces and some just plain funny pieces.
 i so wanted to buy this stroller.. but my priority is shop items ...and bills
 this boob necklace killed me!!
Found this little beauty for you yesterday, 26 waist, 36 bust!!!

plus lots more and yes, i did buy myself a brooch...i couldn't help it. But look for the dress & more on monday! 
The 4th of July SALE is still going through Friday!
 Hope you had a good holiday!

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Apothecary Inn said...

So sorry to hear about the negative stuff going on in your life, but there is always some positive (even if you have to look hard) going on as well to counteract it! Stay strong!! :)

I love-Love-LOVE the 50s dress! *drool*