My Love Affair with Mustard

..and I'm not just talking about the condiment. I'm talking about the color. Mustard has always been one of those "forbidden" colors that no one thinks they can pull off, well I'm hoping this post will inspire you to give it a try. So please let these mustard marvels influence you to try something new ;).

Add a little bit of mustard with accessories try these amazing kitten heels
How about a great vintage bag? Mustard is a great neutral!
How about adding a pop of mustard with a cardigan?
Or you could add it all at once with this amazing mustard jacket! (wow)
Use it as a base and add lots of fun layers.
use it classically with these gorgeous unworn gloves
Make it a statement with this ruffle suit
and this piece i just adore! this is is amazing! Great with any bottoms!


Ode to Amazing!

I've admired TimelessVixenVintage for years. After I oogled her items on ebay you can guess I was positively giddy to find her gorgeous items on Etsy too! I could do about 100000 blog posts on her gorgeous dresses. Here are a few of her amazing dresses with layers of tulle....oh yesssssssss!
Copper tulle on sky blue. Just WOW!
Southern Belle - Look at all those ruffles! It also has an over sized bow in the back!
Sculped roses tulle in blue and violet
Midnight Blue over Copper...I'm blown away by this.
Love the sweep of lace over the blue and pink layers. Has a matching lace bolero!
Perfect for valentines day! Red and white tulle party dress!
This one isn't from timelessvixen...but I thought you should see it...its gorgeous. Love the peach and orange...its like a sunset. From another of my favorite etsy stores Thrush.


Listing Preview Jan 18 - 24

I thought this week was going to be a bust. I hardly found any pieces at the store I usually go to so I was pretty bummed. But my hubs suggested we stop by one of my fav vintage housewares stores to look around. And I found this gorgeous Orental dress on their mannequin..well I didn't want to take it off the mannequin so we left...and while we were eating down the street I kept thinking about the dress...thinking and thinking so finally when it was time to go we went back to the store and bought the dress..while I was there I also found a pair of drop dead gorgeous drapes for my house <3 Retro is the way to go! Ok so here is what will be listed this week. Bright, bold pieces! (those multi colored curtains in the pics are my new ones)


Pendleton - More Than Just Plaid

Pendleton is known for their amazing plaids. I love pendleton skirts. I've had my fair share of pendleton pencil skirts and pleated skirts. Here are my favorite picks for pendleton pieces of all shapes, sizes and plaids :D!

A piece from my collection (up on ebay right now) fall plaid shift dress with matching belt.
Love the colors in this piece! 49er Jacket.
A pendleton signature reversible pleated skirt
A blue and green circle skirt
the perfect suit!
Stunning 70s classic plaid vest
And the piece that inspired this post this gorgeous pendleton jacket! WOWIE!


Jump for Jumpers!

There is something so innocent yet sexy about jumper dresses. Commonly used in school uniforms these "suspender dresses" have a bit of whimsy to them. Here are my favorites from etsy sellers. (Click on the picture for the link to the item)

The first one is my fav from denisebrain on etsy she has the most amazing pieces!

Here is a classic example of a jumper in "school girl" fashion, love the color of this. Great for snowy days.
Another classic from retrothreadz. Love the criss-cross of the bust and you can't beat a classic plaid.
Here is the school girl style in a more muted tone. I love this. reminds me that spring is coming!
A printed "pinafore" style jumper with ruffle sleeves by zwizzy. one of my fav sellers on Etsy.here is the modern take of the jumper. A strap skirt from Vivian of Holloway.com (best bombshell clothes ever)


Treasure Hunt = Luxurious!

Gorgeous and luxurious finds this week. Each has a little something extra to make it great.

100% Cashmere Jacket..Looks like its never been worn. All the tags look brand new and its sooo soft and warm!One I almost didn't buy..well I didn't buy it last week but luckily it was still there this week. Delicate hand woven virgin acrylic in the softest pink with pearls.

Deep multi-colored course wool pea-coat. Flat metal buttons. Very MOD

Here is a better pic of the buttons^^
Its kind of hard to see in the photo but there is a purple/lilac 70s/80s party dress. I'll have better pics soon.
...And finally the least "luxurious" but perfect complement to them late 60s pendleton shift dress. Its got the perfect colors to go with that cashmere jacket!
Well thats it for now. I'll be back soon.


Now something to wear at night..

Now that we've seen some of my favorite party dresses now lets pick something to go under them! ooh la la!