Treasure Hunt = Luxurious!

Gorgeous and luxurious finds this week. Each has a little something extra to make it great.

100% Cashmere Jacket..Looks like its never been worn. All the tags look brand new and its sooo soft and warm!One I almost didn't buy..well I didn't buy it last week but luckily it was still there this week. Delicate hand woven virgin acrylic in the softest pink with pearls.

Deep multi-colored course wool pea-coat. Flat metal buttons. Very MOD

Here is a better pic of the buttons^^
Its kind of hard to see in the photo but there is a purple/lilac 70s/80s party dress. I'll have better pics soon.
...And finally the least "luxurious" but perfect complement to them late 60s pendleton shift dress. Its got the perfect colors to go with that cashmere jacket!
Well thats it for now. I'll be back soon.

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