Shop Update: Pumpkin Patch

Yippee! Autumn is almost here!! The weather is not cooperating this year but thats not stopping me from drinking pumpkin spice lattes and planning corbin's first trip to the pumpkin patch! That is what has inspired today's (late) shop update. Shades of pumpkin, cider and black cat. Perfect for what is coming..eeeee! All these items are available RIGHT NOW in the shop.

Also, the shop is on SALE this week for 20% off everything in the shop, including these brand new listings!


Shop Update: Colorful Autumn

Wow..late much. I did this shop update on Monday but I'm just remembering to do the blog update for it. Here are the beatuiful listings that came out monday..some of my very favorites and so many more beautiful items to come, I've been rescuing vintage from Halloween sections of thrift shops all around town and there have been some real gems in there. I love this time of year.


All these items are already available in the shop. Monday there will be another new batch of items, this time more traditionally autumn with knits, wool, saturated jewel tones and of course harvest colors. I'm so excited. Like I said, this is my favorite time of the year!


Shop Update: Late Summer Nautical

Well its labor day, the end of summer countdown has officially begun. Everyone is getting ready to go back to school, the leaves on the bushes outside are changing..now if the sweater weather would hit we'd be set! But I have some late summer pieces for you, primarily nautical or at least blue..hehe. Lots of really great pieces and they'll all be on SALE until wednesday at midnight!

Everything is available RIGHT NOW and on sale until wednesday at midnight, so don't forget. 
Happy Shopping!


Labor Day Sale

Its not uncommon for me to have a sale over a long weekend but since I have and extra long weekend, I'm running an extra long sale! 

And items are going really quickly *surprisingly enough with the lack of sales we've been seeing this summer* so if you were waiting for your favorite item to go on sale you might want to snatch it up early because it might not be there on tuesday. 
The next shop update will be Nautical..I know its a little late in the season but its actually a lot of knits and sailor style jackets and such. You'll be seeing a lot of navy. Then its back to the autumn inventory. 
Have I told you how excited I am to share all these new things with you?! I spent probably 3x's what I usually spend on inventory lately so the whole shop feels fresh and new and with the new look its just..blowing. my. mind. I am so happy. Now if I could only teach Corbin how to measure dresses...haha