Shop Update: Colorful Autumn

Wow..late much. I did this shop update on Monday but I'm just remembering to do the blog update for it. Here are the beatuiful listings that came out monday..some of my very favorites and so many more beautiful items to come, I've been rescuing vintage from Halloween sections of thrift shops all around town and there have been some real gems in there. I love this time of year.


All these items are already available in the shop. Monday there will be another new batch of items, this time more traditionally autumn with knits, wool, saturated jewel tones and of course harvest colors. I'm so excited. Like I said, this is my favorite time of the year!


Eartha Kitsch said...

Oh my stars! That horse skirt! If I were even remotely close to a 28" waist, I'd be all over that thing. INCREDIBLE.

Bombshell Bettie said...

it IS a 28 waist!!