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A special offer for sponsors new and old. For June we're doing a special $5, 200x100 single month spot. I've got 12 spots left. i'm suspending the 200x300 spots this month but I'm offering MORE small spots than I usually do because June is a special month, It has Dress Week as well as the giveaway for the 600 followers. We'll be having a different giveaway every day the first week in June and more surprises later in the month. If you're interested in being a sponsor in June (or beyond) email me, tweet or DM me, Message me on Facebook or leave a comment here with a way to contact you and and I'll get back to you asap!



OMG We've done it! 600 Followers! And as promised I've got a big GIVEAWAY and Sale planned. I hope you're as excited as I am, I can't wait!!! It will be a week long giveaway, different item(s) every day and maybe a voucher or two for my shop. HOORAY!
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Memorial Day Sale

Starting May 24th through the 31st..just in case you decide to get away for your 3 day weekend..you can still get deals before you head out to the lake.


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I love prints, I think they're great for summer. You don't really wear a lot of layers so you've got to make a big statement with as little clothes as possible. The sundress is a great place to get it, floral prints, novelties, stripes, plaid...you can't beat a print. And where do I go for prints? Sponsors of course, Created and Collected has a huge selection of amazing and beautiful prints to choose from, like these:
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 Love the graphic element of this simple sheath.
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 A gorgeous "swim dress" just like my DeWeese, a must have for summer!!!
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I am in love with these prints. There are so so so many more in the Created and Collected shop.


Happy Mother's Day

Its my first mother's day and i must admit that saying "being a mom is one of the hardest and most rewarding things you can ever do" is more true than i realized. Its frustrating and awesome all at the same time. I can't wait to see how my son grows and changes by next mother's day. He can frustrate me to tears (rarely) and have me in a gut busting laugh. He brings me so much joy. I'm really thankful for my hubs for convincing me that we should have kids..he was right and as a wife i wont admit that readily..haha. I love my little man.

I was looking through my photos, we've been scanning my grandma's photos for her..and since she is like me..or i am like her i should say.. there are a lot of them but I found this one of her and my mom and i thought it was too sweet not to share.
my grandma and mom
 this is me and my mom
 & this is me and Corbin.

I hope you mommies had a wonderful day!


3 Months

Wait, its been anothert month already? I cant believe it. Corbin is also in 6 month clothes now. He smiles all the time and i think he may already be teething. He finally fits into his vintage overalls, which i love! I am also sporting some vintage today. 

 not so into his photo shoot
 wearing a vintage dress with a modern top
the dress is great for nursing but needs some extra snaps put in because its a little open right now hence the top.
onesie: calvin klein
overalls: vintage thrifted
socks: circo (target)
shoes: vintage osh kosh coming to the shop
dress: vintage from The Church of Vintage
top: ross
shoes: vintage, ebay forever-ago


Photo Shoots

Hey everyone, its been a while. Well I've got some cute baby pics to share, because you know..I'm a new mom and I love to have "photo shoots" with Corbin..while he'll sit still long enough for it...so I've probably only got a few months left..then there will be many more blurry shots..haha.

We had a shoot for "Star Wars Day: May the Fourth be with You"

we even had a teeny light saber for him...really its just a letter opener..but how could I resist.
Onesie: shower gift

And we had a moustache shoot for Cinco de Mayo, I found a pack of 'staches at the craft store when I was shopping for things for his scrapbook.
 I call this one "The Desperado"
 "The Sheriff"
 "The Monsieur"
 "The Caveman"
"The Tom Selleck"
Onesie: Carters
Sombrero: thrifted
Moustaches: Michaels

Have a great weekend!