Photo Shoots

Hey everyone, its been a while. Well I've got some cute baby pics to share, because you know..I'm a new mom and I love to have "photo shoots" with Corbin..while he'll sit still long enough for it...so I've probably only got a few months left..then there will be many more blurry shots..haha.

We had a shoot for "Star Wars Day: May the Fourth be with You"

we even had a teeny light saber for him...really its just a letter opener..but how could I resist.
Onesie: shower gift

And we had a moustache shoot for Cinco de Mayo, I found a pack of 'staches at the craft store when I was shopping for things for his scrapbook.
 I call this one "The Desperado"
 "The Sheriff"
 "The Monsieur"
 "The Caveman"
"The Tom Selleck"
Onesie: Carters
Sombrero: thrifted
Moustaches: Michaels

Have a great weekend!


Lenora Jane said...


Sorry, I am so pleased by that I can't even get past it. I'm sure the moustaches are cute too, but I was so excited about STAR WARS BABY that I didn't really absorb them.

Bombshell Bettie said...

Oh yes! we're all about the star wars at this house. We watched it with him for the first time on the 4th also. He seemed to like it..but we'll watch it again (and again) when he's older and can understand it more.

art deco dame said...

He is so freaking adorable!

Alli said...

The star wars......soooooooo cute! What a legend!