Jan Iron Orchid Giveaway Winner

Happy Monday! Its a little late I know but its time to announce the winner of the iron orchid giveaway. My keyboard is being dumb today so I'm not going to draw it out like I usually do.
The winner of this adorable navy blue straw hat is...
Hep~Kitten of the blog "For The Vintage Fashionista"
email me @ bombshellbettiesvint {at} gmail dot com and I'll ship out your winnings right away!

For those of you who didn't win this time there are always more giveaways in the works for you and plenty more chances to win vintage goodies.


Always Classy: Raleigh Vintage

If you didn't already know I love Raleigh Vintage. I check the store religiously, there are always things I want and the items go so fast if I don't snag it right away, I miss my chance. I hope you're not missing a piece you could be in love with right now, have a look:
Already, ready for spring with this bright sun dress
Have I told you how much I love "sweater girl" sweaters?
Perfectly pink cocktail dress, ready for a valentine date
LBD with embroidered and beaded collar and peplum
corde bag...need I say more?
The perfect wiggle dress
look at the lace on this...stunning!
I know its almost wedding season and this would be the perfect gift for the bride-to-be
va-va-voom! (this was the inspiration behind my Polar treasury)
I love the buttery golden color of this cardigan, its the kind of color that would go with everything
Studded 40s peplum dress, studded...LOVE
never worn AMAZING bow pumps in the perfect cocoa...ugh! I wish i had small feet so I could buy up all the amazing vintage pumps out there.
check out the shop, this is just a taste of the 10 pages of gorgeous vintage up for grabs, you won't be disappointed.


1 for me, 1 for you

Today the hubs and I went to the dentist and both got bad news...that's what we get for not going for 5 years. I need two crowns and the hubs needs crowns and 2 root canals...ugh...so look for a sale soon. To cheer myself up I did some 2nd hand shopping. I found 1 thing I've been looking for and something for the shop too.
A large jewelry box that I've been looking for, for a reasonable price and a beautiful cherry blossom vase for the shop. So gorgeous!

YAY very excited for my new jewelry box...and that vase...I almost kept it.


Jan Iron Orchid Giveaway

Oh its that wonderful time again. We've got another gorgeous item from Iron Orchid Vintage. This adorable straw hat thats ready for spring!
This hat is sooooo cute! I call it the "Madeline" hat

This hat looks great from every angle. Its deep navy with a grosgrain ribbon and a little bow on the side.


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Spring with De La Belle

Where I live its cold and wet but looking through De La Belle Vintage is making me hopeful for spring time again! Tulips, green grass, soft pastels and light sweaters. YAY!
Here are some of the beautiful "Springy" items you will find right now when you go to De La Belle...
Something lovely from every era. :) There are so many more gorgeous pieces in her shop waiting to be discovered...have a look, won't you.


This Week's Finds

Lots of different items this week, usually my inventory is full of dresses but I'm going to be adding some bags and of course more cute baby things :)
60s small "such a square" purse
big gold frame and separator in middle with metal zipper
small needlepoint backpack with leather details
embossed leather on top and patchwork leather on back
cute fleur de lis wallet with glasses pouch on back
"polar patchwork" white cross-body bag

"meet you at midnight" purple suede clutch
with black leather lining
super super super cute "mermaid money" fish coin purse
"cream-cheese frosting" white lace bubble dress with bandage bottom mini dress
adorable pleated skirt "weekend on the yacht" dress with gold buttons

so so so so soooo pretty "parakeet my sweet" apron, would make lovely decor in a vintage kitchen, i use vintage aprons as window dressing in my kitchen.

"love you beary much" little boy's embroidered cardigan
ok, this is terrible...but does that patch not look like a bear with breasts? i know its just a vest or shirt or something...but maybe they should've made it a different color.
"Buckaroo" suede leather vest with faux shearling lining

"Springtime picnic" little girl's smocked gingham dress

70s winnie the pooh nautical spring/summer jacket
aaaaaand as always more baby adorableness for my ever-growing collection, not all vintage like that blue cherry print romper from gap but that vintage sailor dress has me head over heels! :)

should be able to get most things in the shop this weekend...the red dress probably won't show up in the shop until spring or summer