New Sponsor

I'm VERY happy to announce that we've got our first new sponsor of the new year -
Revolving Styles Vintage
Ran by the sweetest little lady who is soon having a baby (hey, that rhymed)
I love her shop! LOVE it. They way her pictures all look soft and moody. Gorgeous! And her inventory is very well priced, plentiful and beautiful. Here are just a few of the items in her shop right now...it was so hard for me to just pick a few...I could've put her whole shop on display here
She's even got a collection of little dresses coming to the shop (I bought this one yesterday)
beautiful party dresses
sexy mid century day dresses
beautiful jewelry
amazing 60s cocktail dresses
some great 70s/80s pieces as well
I adore this sweater!
look at these shoes!
so beautiful, what a great clasp!
This set....OMG!!
and these shoes are SO beautiful!
Her shop is amazing...I am honored to have her as a sponsor!


Sara said...

I like them all! That necklace is my favourite :)

autumn, coffee and inspiration

vintagekttn said...

Lovin the cocktail dress

sarah louise said...

Cute shop! Thanks for sharing. :)