Back in the Swing

I don't know about you but all those holidays have my schedule all loopy..I'm just getting back into the swing of things and life is feeling normal again. So, its thursday and we all know that thursday is treasure hunt day...here is the "booty" i plundered
80s "school spirit" sweater
70s sweater maxi with oatmeal trim "lighthouse keeper's wife" dress
with matching cardigan
gorgeous 70s "Red Velvet Cake" velvet mid-calf dress with lace trim

iconic 50s brocade "exotic orient" dress

60s version in a MOD mini & the most amazing color "salmon run"

mid 60s velveteen stripe dress with faux wrap skirt "striped seductress"

eeeeep this coat is sooo cute "little wookie"
"little miss sunshine" 70s handmade suspender skirt
"Spring Sweetie" baby dress in pastels (great for easter)

GORGEOUS "noir rain" beaded cocktail gloves
sweetest 60s unisex cardigan with embroidery

the cutest nylon baby dress "cherry on top"

handmade pink crochet dress with rose buttons in front and working, pink disc buttons in back "Rosie"
Thats all for today, everything should be up this weekend.

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Oli said...

those baby dresses are so lovely i love the velvet dress too so wonderful !