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If you're here you must be interested in becoming a sponsor at Bombshell Bettie's Vintage

I've had over 97,700 page views since I started my blog in 2009. I do an average of 3 posts a week.
I have almost 600 blog followers, over 1300 twitter followers, more than 500 tumblr followers, and 840+ Likes on my Facebook Page where I also promote my blog posts. (follower numbers growing daily)
What kinds of posts can you expect?
 - thursday thrift (what did i thrift this week)
 - new items for my shop
 - recent purchases
 - baby related posts
 - outfit posts (me and baby)
 - sale posts
 - outfit recreations (I take an old photo and re-create what the subject is wearing with items on etsy)
 - requests (i.e. patron asks me to find some 40's wedding dresses)

Now there are two options to sponsor and two prices to fit any budget!
A full feature with a 200 x 300 pixel banner and a monthly feature, where I go through your shop and promote your items, host a giveaway or wear an outfit from your shop for just $20 a month, discounts for 3 and 6 month blocks.
An ad-only feature with a 200 x 100 pixel ad is just $15 for a 3 month block, you will have a banner under the full feature banners.
I have my banners in alphabetical order and there is a limit to how many ads I do per month so please get your requests in early!

What perks do you get from becoming a sponsor?
 - Sale Promotion
 - Re-Tweets (that's right, your sponsorship doesn't just stop at my blog)
Extras for Featured Sponsors..
- First Pick when I make treasuries. I've had 10 treasuries on the Etsy front page.
 - I host Giveaways/Coupon Codes
 - Promotion of your Shop/Blog with photos
 - Modeling/Testing, Send me some items to model/wear or test out (p.s. I love hats..hehe)

If you would like to become a sponsor please email me through my blogger profile or DM me on twitter