Sale announcement and item preview

Its "Cyber Monday" the day with all the online deals and my shop is no exception. Starting yesterday, everything in the shop is 35% off until tonight at 11pm!
If you're buying, today is the day to do it...ALSO if you follow me on twitter watch for my secret code to save you an ADDITIONAL 20%! Dang thats a lot of savings!

As for things coming to the shop this week....
leopard beret
another leopard beret
red cape with hood and puff shoulders
perfect christmas plaid jacket
new years party dress
viking horn goblets and silver string bead necklace
gift wrapped brooch
silver mink poodle brooch
ugly sweater dress for the kiddies
A-DARN-DORABLE scottie dog cardi for the kiddies
Austrian wool cape with gorgeous buttons and navy trim
pink beaded pom brooch

I'll have more later in the week, this should've been last week's update but because of the holiday we didn't get to go shopping until late.
before those deals are gone ;)


Snow and Stars

Today I'm feeling pretty saucy today I'm down 15 lbs, yes..even after thanksgiving! Its super snowy outside and perfect for my knit dress. I bought it a couple months ago and have been afraid to wear it since its such a curve-hugger. But since I'm feeling up to it I'm sporting my new knit dress with my giveaway winnings from the Jean Jean Vintage giveaway on the Purple Deer blog.

I'm wearing it with my favorite teal cardigan
Isn't it gorgeous! I'm so excited for this glorious pin! I have been drooling over jeanjean's shop for a long time...but I rarely splurge on myself.. and buying jewelry is even more rare...so winning this little beauty was a dream come true. Thanks so much to Purple Deer for giving me the opportunity!!
there is that angry face of mine again...LOL

I was out about noon today shoveling in my pj's since the snow is still nice and poofy, now that its melting, tonight it will turn into that heavy icy snow and then my hubs will be the one shoveling ;)
Not sure if you could tell but I AM wearing boots....they're totally covered by the snow in our back yard, its pretty deep back there...and my tights have a floral pattern..I don't remember where I got them, I've had them for a few years.

We've had quite a bit of snow so far this year, over a food in less than a week..nothing like we had a couple years ago when we got 6 feet in 48 hours....but I will say that I really missed the white stuff. I don't think I could ever live somewhere that didn't have snow, I love having my white christmas!


Thanksgiving and Black Friday Sale

I'm having a 25% off Sale today through Saturday!

Thanksgiving was great, it was small and easy with just the hubs family...we usually do thanksgiving with everyone but I couldn't get the days off this year so we just had a small gathering at our house. We made all the classics, turkey, ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole (my fav), cranberries, rolls, hubs' brother and SIL brought over a yummy sweet potato and banana dish and the hubs' mom made pies.
I wore my red paisley dress from Raleigh Vintage with some vintage rosette flats that I thrifted
and my turkey brooch of course (sorry for the "up the nose" shot) It looked cute but not so practical with the spanx when you're eating a lot...ooh tummy ache.
We had gorgeous snow fall all day long, the hubs and I brought up some chairs and put them in front of the windows. I thought this pic of the hubs and our kitty was pretty cute.
Our little niece came over and I got to hold her for a little while. She was awake this time and cracking me up with her funny faces. She is too much! I got some pictures of her looking at our tree when the MIL was holding her...I loved this one!
Behind her you can see all the little goodies I have purchased for her :) She was so cute, a little grumpy because she woke up early and apparently this little lady likes to sleep in...what lucky parents.
She had her little arms going, she loves to stretch out..whenever I hold her somehow her blanket gets so messed up because shes squirming then I'm squirming then her then me...LOL
Later she put on her PJs, cute little dresses aren't as cozy as footie pj's don't cha know. Here is her little squishy face wearing an elf hat she got from her uncle David.
And this is what happens when I leave my crinolines unattended....and my princess leia knit hat....LOL
I ♥ my family
It was a fun day..I'm totally bummed the hubs had to work though.. :(

Anyway, I hope you all had as fun and adorable-baby filled as I did!



Today I received the sweetest tweet I've ever today...
I must say it totally caught me off guard and made me tear up. It got me thinking about what I am thankful for and it has to be the amazing friends I've made the past couple years on the interwebs.(I know, what a loser..right? ...but for serious. I'm so happy that I've found such a wonderful community of people. Vinties RULE!
I am SO thankful for my husband, he is the best thing that could have ever happened to me. We are truly content with our lives.. I was feeling very dizzy today when I got home and he made us a quick low cal dinner (he's being so good about keeping me on my diet) and he even picked out all the processed chicken for me because he knows I hate it. :) That's love right there!
I'm thankful for finally feeling like an adult...I think it was becoming an aunt that really made me look at my life and think...why am I 25 and still living like I'm 18? I have a house and we don't take care of the yard and haven't done any upgrades to it....so hopefully next month we'll be getting new windows for the bedrooms, hooray no more freezing bedrooms!
I'm thankful for my life :)

I'd also like to share with you some fun thanksgiving photos I found via google. :)


Nov Iron Orchid Giveaway - Winner

What a fantastic turnout for the giveaway! That is awesome! I hope you all stopped by the Iron Orchid Vintage shop and picked up something lovely for yourself or someone else, it is that season you know.
I'd like to thank Iron Orchid for their always generous giveaway items. This purse is something else!
Thanks to everyone that entered but there can only be 1 purse winner...and that is..
Number 31:
Miss Amethyst
(send me an email my dear, bombshellbettiesvint {at} gmail dot com with your deets and I'll ship out this little beauty!)
of Miss Amethyst's Pink Retro Powder Room Blog
I was just looking through it and her blog has some pretty amazing hair tutorials. I wish I could get my hair do to that.

I feel bad that I couldn't get the rest of you anything..oh wait. I can! Use the coupon code GIVEAWAY10 at in etsy checkout when you make your next purchase at my shop to receive 10% off ANYTHING in my shop Today-Thursday! ♥ Just a little thank you for being so awesome.

My giveaway on the Blue Butterfly Vintage Blog is still up and running and you have time to enter that if you haven't already. You could win one of my new birdie hair clips!


Recent Purchases - A Proper Blog Post

Ugh, I hate winter sometimes because the sky is so dark, overcast all the time...and it has been in what seems like everyday for 2 months...ok, well thats an exageration...but it feels like it. Every time I need it to be a sunny day...its cloudy for 3 and then when the sun finally comes out I have other plans so I haven't been able to do a proper post on my new purchases..because I didn't want to show off my goodies with crappy pics, that isn't cool. Luckily today was a gorgeously sunny day, even if it was still pretty darn cold. But I had time today to take pictures of my purchases to share with you!

Purchase 1 - Buffalo, Giraffe and Horse print 80s circle skirt
You may have seen this skirt on the Vixen Vintage blog, Solanah borrowed it from SadieDeluxe and as soon as I saw it I snatched it up! I adore weird prints and 80s so its a win-win for me. Oh, and the shoes are also from SadieDeluxe .

Purchase 2 - Red and Pink L'aiglon Paisley Shirtwaist
It may not look like it (darn me forgetting I look naturally angry all the time) but I ADORE this shirtwaist dress. Its perfect for me, just at the knee length, little metallic buttons, Oh I love this! I will probably wear it for thanksgiving. :) I picked this one up from my newest sponsor, Raleigh Vintage! It fits just how I like, there is even extra room in the chest which is SO hard to find in vintage and great for the buxom ladies. (LOL, even though I think of buxom as a super sexy word, not one I would associate with my nerdy, goofy self)
Shoes are from my wedding.

Purchase 3 - Car Print V neck shirtwaist
Ok, I died over this dress the first time I saw it...I obsessed over it for like 2 days until I finally just asked Chris at Miss Farfalla Vintage to reserve it for me...and thanks to that 50% off sale I had a few weeks ago I was able to pay it off. Another perfect fit. I love when that happens. It even came with the little woven belt which I adore or I can switch it out for my fav red one.
Shoes are from LisaZain on Etsy (the vintage shoe goddess)

Purchase 4 - FINALLY a Beaded Cardigan
I've been searching high and low for a beaded cardi that isn't wool...they're impossible to find in anything older than the 80s so I had to break down and buy an 80s cardigan. I must say I was impressed by the beading, Its even got the shank, faux pearl buttons that I like. I think its just as nice as a 50s cardi..except it doesn't have that soft tiny woven look that the wool ones have...but hey, its either have a larger knit or have my throat close from my wool allergy...I think I'll choose larger knit, thanks :) Purchased from VintageFromVermont
Well that's everything major that I purchased (for myself) the past couple months...much more than I usually buy for myself..but I guess I'm buying myself presents this year..maybe I'll wrap them and put them under the tree for myself to open....hehehe..or not.

Oh, and while I had such nice weather today I also snapped some new pics for the birdie hair clip listings...

You can get one of each of the 9 styles of birdies in the hair clips and soon (probably sunday) I will be adding some of the Robot hair clips to the shop as well.

Thanks everyone for reading. I hope you're having a lovely weekend.

Meet the New Sponsor

I'm SO EXCITED to announce the newest Sponsor to BBV
I am thrilled! I've been talking to Andi, what a delight! I'm proud to feature their GORGEOUS items on my blog and on my person ;)
Have a look at some of the spectacular items in the shop RIGHT NOW:
How glorious is this dress for the Holidays?
Oooh So cuddly, love this color!
One of my very favorite dresses, asym buttons with partial peplum. Yes Please!
How darling! Can't get enough of those sleeves!
Woof Woof!
Fab, perfect platforms!
Stunning lace pumps....drooooool!
Oh how I wish this dress fit me! I adore it!...well I adore it all really ;)
Another glorious pair of shoes, 40s mary janes!
Please go visit their shop...so many amazing pieces to choose from...and Oh, did I mention the 20% OFF SALE that's happening right now?!?
Yes! A rare Raleigh Vintage Sale,
I've already taken advantage by purchasing this brooch...
I really love it...and at 20% off...you know I can't resist a good deal! So this little beauty is mine. I've already got a spectacular shirtwaist from Raleigh Vintage too...very high quality vintage so you can purchase with confidence! I do! :D
Welcome again our new sponsor Raleigh Vintage, lets show them some love!

on a side note, Saturday is the last day to save 30% off in my shop as well as the last day to enter the Iron Orchid purse giveaway!!!