Screwing Around

Every year (since we've been married) the hubs and I have sent out our mega cheesy christmas card you know the "The Soandso's Wish You a Merry Christmas". And every year I make the hubs go out in the cold and take pics...the first year we waited until it snowed, last year it was October and the weather was gorgeous..but cold. This year we took them on thursday and the weather was lovely, warm-ish and the sun was shining...although we'll have to remember to get a better start becacuse I always have issues with the direct sunlight. This was the first time I got to try out my new camera...oh, did I tell you guys the hubs bought me a new camera for my Birthday? Very excited! I have a "big girl" DSLR now. Its soooo nice and I bought a remote for it so I don't have to run back and forth to the camera every 10 seconds to set the timer again...its AWESOME!
But anyway...like every year I pondered on what to wear....hmm...hmm....hmm....maybe...no...well I finally settled on my favorite vintage dress from the shop...and I think I may need to just keep it for myself. I find I'm borrowing it too much...so I think that is a sign that I should just keep it...right? ;)
The hubs requested that we don't do so many serious pics this year and that he wanted to send out a funny face card...well thats not going to happen...but I enjoy making stupid faces at the camera as much as the next girl so we had a little bit of fun this year. I also let my man run the camera to take some pics of me.
stupid sun...
bang bang...ugh...you got me.....
Ooh x2!
my fav shoes in the leaves
we both love a good (or bad) funny face
pic the hubs took
I love this shot...if he keeps this up he might be taking the pics next year ;)

note: the squirrel
shot from the hubs again :)

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

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Frl. Irene Palfy said...

I love these pictures! What a lovely autumn day! (and pretty people, too!)
Have a marvellous sunday!

Vintage Seen said...

oooh hubs takes great shots! love that park where you are too, also love that dress, with the leaves, perfect! I doubt we'll be able to do it without laughing a bit too, your hubs doesn't look like he's having too much of a rough time here at all though...

Anonymous said...

yeah....you should keep the dress! i have the same problem 'borrowing' things from the shop that never make their way back. perks of the job!!

Huzzah! Vintage said...

our fridge was plastered with photo greeting cards for the first time ever last holiday season. we couldn't figure out if it was because we'd hit the magical age when people start sending out family updates with their seasons greetings, or if classic xmas cards are now just passé.

also, very jealous of your new dslr (and remote).

Mrs Cleaver said...

Great pics!What a beautiful park,such pretty colours.
Yes it's definitely a sign,keep the dress.You look gorgeous in it & i love your shoes ,so sweet!
I have to say that lipstick is a killer colour on you,a perfect shade of pink!

Darlene said...


What fun! And how lovely you look in natural light.

Related to nothing at all important, I put up my little 4' tinsel tree today. I was inspired by you, of course. ;)