Some for me, some for you

Today's treasure hunt was a lot of fun. We had our first bit of snow today, it was like someone floured the ground..and now the beautiful sunny day has melted it all away. The hubs and I started with a stop at starbucks and then we were off to my favorite thrift where I found lots of goodies for you...and some for me too.
two-tone knit dress
80s handmade plaid holiday dress
with embossed feathers
pretty linen lace cocktail dress
with adorable bow on the back
plaid blazer...
and skirt suit.
super sequin evening blazer

60s/70s little girl's holiday dress with bells
infant knit sweater suit...awwww

pretty velvet collar with beaded trim

some chalk ware strawberries
not sure if i'm keeping this one or selling it yet...gilded dogwood wall hanging
my hubs fell in love with this cardigan
so we're going to be giving this one to our new niece...aren't those little bunnies the sweetest?!
I also picked up some chalkware cherries for myself...they're already hanging in my kitchen
..and just for funzies I picked up this Santa hat with a tiara from wally world when we went to pick up some photos I had printed :)
everything should be up in the shop soon (weather permitting).
I hope you've entered the giveaways (linked at the top right)
Have a wonderful Thursday!


Ruby Rach said...

Lovely! I especially love the linen cocktail dress - what size is it?

I'm very jealous of your snow - it never snows where I live, and I'd love to celebrate a white Christmas. Instead it is usually stinking hot here!

Stephanie Lynn said...

I love the two tone knit dress! Hope it is my size!

olygirl said...

Lovelies as usual! I say keep that awesome wall decor or send it to me. :) It is pretty amazing!! Glad luck was on your side thrifting. I am in lurve with the linen cocktail dress.

Isaac & Andi said...

keep the wall hangings; those are fantastic!!

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