Snow and Stars

Today I'm feeling pretty saucy today I'm down 15 lbs, yes..even after thanksgiving! Its super snowy outside and perfect for my knit dress. I bought it a couple months ago and have been afraid to wear it since its such a curve-hugger. But since I'm feeling up to it I'm sporting my new knit dress with my giveaway winnings from the Jean Jean Vintage giveaway on the Purple Deer blog.

I'm wearing it with my favorite teal cardigan
Isn't it gorgeous! I'm so excited for this glorious pin! I have been drooling over jeanjean's shop for a long time...but I rarely splurge on myself.. and buying jewelry is even more rare...so winning this little beauty was a dream come true. Thanks so much to Purple Deer for giving me the opportunity!!
there is that angry face of mine again...LOL

I was out about noon today shoveling in my pj's since the snow is still nice and poofy, now that its melting, tonight it will turn into that heavy icy snow and then my hubs will be the one shoveling ;)
Not sure if you could tell but I AM wearing boots....they're totally covered by the snow in our back yard, its pretty deep back there...and my tights have a floral pattern..I don't remember where I got them, I've had them for a few years.

We've had quite a bit of snow so far this year, over a food in less than a week..nothing like we had a couple years ago when we got 6 feet in 48 hours....but I will say that I really missed the white stuff. I don't think I could ever live somewhere that didn't have snow, I love having my white christmas!


P U R P L E - D E E R said...

You look fantastic. And the brooch with the dress is a perfect combo. I don't know how your standing in the snow with just a dress on (Being from Cali I can't understand) Thanks for the mention <3

Shallow Mallow said...

Beautiful brooch and nope, couldn't see your boots. I froze myself silly taking pictures of a brooch today but for a moment I thought you were actually posing barefoot (anything for a cool photo, right? ;) )

Jean Jean Vintage said...

Wow! Thank you for sharing your outfit with us! The little star pin looks right at home with your sweet dress and cardigan.

Mrs Cleaver said...

Congrats on the weight loss,i think you look gorgeous just the way you are but hey you have to be happy with yourself .The pin is gorgeous & so is the snow.We get a little snow here in winter but nothing like that.It's so pretty on the trees.
Great outfit,the teal really suits you,really brings out your beautiful eyes:)

art deco dame said...

you look adorable!congrats on the weight loss