Yesterday's Finds

Yes, its a day late, but not a dollar short (I hope) these are the items I picked up yesterday. I don't know when they'll be hitting the shop because we're gunna have some crappy weather this weekend which means no sun to light my picture space...boo.
Faux fur jacket
carved bakelite button
fur caplet
camel hair coat
wool coat with mink collar
hot pink crushed velvet jacket
disco faux wrap dress
pretty cut out
navy cardigan
cream cardigan
metallic sweater
puff sleeve pearl button
fair isle sweater
alligator print mico mini dress
camel hair sweater
beaded angora cardigan
close up of the beading.


greatest friend said...

oooo, i love that metallic sweater, and the camel menswear vibe coat - awesome stuff!

Jenny S said...

ohhhh oohhhhh ooohhhh! Lucky lady you! Beautiful!

iron orchid vintage said...

Totally agree with greatest friend! Love that metallic sweater!

katie kirby said...

The fur caplet is so gorgeous!