Meet the New Sponsor

I'm SO EXCITED to announce the newest Sponsor to BBV
I am thrilled! I've been talking to Andi, what a delight! I'm proud to feature their GORGEOUS items on my blog and on my person ;)
Have a look at some of the spectacular items in the shop RIGHT NOW:
How glorious is this dress for the Holidays?
Oooh So cuddly, love this color!
One of my very favorite dresses, asym buttons with partial peplum. Yes Please!
How darling! Can't get enough of those sleeves!
Woof Woof!
Fab, perfect platforms!
Stunning lace pumps....drooooool!
Oh how I wish this dress fit me! I adore it!...well I adore it all really ;)
Another glorious pair of shoes, 40s mary janes!
Please go visit their shop...so many amazing pieces to choose from...and Oh, did I mention the 20% OFF SALE that's happening right now?!?
Yes! A rare Raleigh Vintage Sale,
I've already taken advantage by purchasing this brooch...
I really love it...and at 20% off...you know I can't resist a good deal! So this little beauty is mine. I've already got a spectacular shirtwaist from Raleigh Vintage too...very high quality vintage so you can purchase with confidence! I do! :D
Welcome again our new sponsor Raleigh Vintage, lets show them some love!

on a side note, Saturday is the last day to save 30% off in my shop as well as the last day to enter the Iron Orchid purse giveaway!!!


Zohar said...

Oh Raleigh Vintage are fabulous! Lucky you to have them as a sponsor :) I'll go check out the sales!

Jenny S said...

Hehehe! Raleigh Vintage buys a ton of their items from my antique shop!! Andi is such a sweetie!