Christmas Wish List

Every year when people ask me what I want for christmas I say...I dunno..or I don't need anything...cuz I don't. But I thought I would be a good girl this year and give a "wish list" for my favorite things.
Knit tights, don't care from where as long as they fit. I love tights and mine keep disappearing..I'm down to only fishnet and lace tights now.
Navy beaded cardigan...GORGEOUS
Love these anchor book end
Another lovely dress from one of my favorite shops
Miss Farfalla Vintage
A set of 3 bow brooches
Jean Jean Vintage
this adorable ship necklace with "bead water"
Any ornament from this shop! I love them all!
An anchor brooch These are way too cute, i also love her seagull ones.

1 comment:

Darlene said...

Good times, bombshell. (In selfish news), I hope I win your birdie brooch on your blog friend Blue Butterfly Vintage.

I love your style!